Laundry Detergent Review: I like to try a lot of different Laundry Detergent’s in my search for quality products that a person on a budget can use and at the same time save a lot of money. This product is very mild on the skin so it would be great for people with sensitive skin and children. You can visit my blog at:

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Frank Nagy says:

not even tide whitens as well.   oxydol was never good on stains, but dirt, yes and it WHITENS WHITES.  this is the one that was made for years.  you must spray your stains with oxydol or make a paste of oxydol and water and apply

Frank Nagy says:

i use all different kinds too, but i’ve used NOTHING but Oxydol on my whites with very hot water all my life almost till i could no longer find it.  People used to ask me why my uniforms stayed so white i must’ve used a lot of clorox they said, imagine their shock when i told them i NEVER use damaging clorox, i use only Oxydol with hot water for whites there is nothing that cleans better for whites, not even bleach.  To my amazement, they brought it back.  i can’t believe it, i was skeptical, but it’s the original one with no phosphates.  i never used it on colors, its not great on stains you have to pretreat it excels on dirt on whites and makes whites STAND OUT WHITE even this one does too.  Used to be the most expensive now it is very cheap.  I still use things like cheer when i use cold water and i use gain or tide or all for regular soil.  but for cold water, not even cold water tide is better for cold water.  warning, don’t use oxydol in cold, it washies miracles in hot water.  try it, you’ll be a mazed at your socks.  only 550 for a big giant box of oxydol at family dollar.  i never have residue or powder on clohthes, it’s been my experience you add too many clothes if it does not dissolve.  try adding one garmet next and see what happens.  I guarantee when you get it right you won’t see a trace of powder, and if you use oxydol only and hot water you will have a STAND OUT WHITE.  When they came out with tide with bleach i thought it would be great but you know what?  activators or not, oxydol whitened better.  Remember pretreat your stains,  if you have nothing use a paste of oxydol and water rub into the stain.  but you will not find a better whitening detergent on the market.  here’s how i do it regular large capacity 2 cups not one and laundromat machines 1 cup per ten pounds, he machines 1 cup to begin add more till you see a few suds. oh yes, it is oxydol, but not as strong you need more but what do you want for that price even smellslike oxydol, leaves little to no scent on clothes.  never heard of allergies when we all used powder like oxydol.  it is tough but gentle on skin.  if you are allergic, my dermatologist said it’s bs the perfume you’re not rinsing them out enough it’s the surfactants, he’s had as many come in with rashes from all free and tide free.  
but try oxydol.  experiment with the amount, sorry, they don’t make it like they used to no green specks, they claim they don’t colour the bleach i add dry bleach anyways and i get a REAL OXYDOL WHITE a shirt i could wear ten times and put back on the shelf for sale and no one would know honest to god.  Try a box you got noting to lose if you don’t like it you can do towels or wash the floor with it  Me, i love it and i love cheer for my colours in cold water.  cold water tide doesn’t cut it like cheer. cheer CLEANS even grungy whites in cold.  once my hot water heater was gone for a week i had to wash all in cold imagine my shock when socks were ninety percent white.  stains all came out of whites.  you can not get a better cold water detergent,  it works in ice water, remember the commercial?  They always said back then you can use it in all temperatures, you can do that with any of them but cheer CLEANS in cold

Teresa Rene' Mature Brown Beauty says:

Great idea. I need to get some. They use detergent around my house like it’s water, lol.

njadaka boles says:

Oxydol is one of the longest running detergents! It’s a very popular brand ,I remember this year’s ago the boxes of oxydol back then was so pretty and bright I have a commercial from back in the 80s that’s when this brand was really popular along with tide cheer gain dash and fresh start just to name me a few

glencoe6305 says:

Sasha, that’s funny,cuz about 3 years about a week before Christmas, I bought 1 box ,same size as yours,for $ 5.00 at Family Dollar. I got to thinking about the price, and went back a week later,and it was gone, and they never got anymore back in. I now wished I would’ve bought about 5 Boxes, of it. It was such a great deal. I remember my Grandma,using Oxydol Powder,and she was Poor. I bought a 5lb Box of Oxydol Powder a wk ago,at a Price Chopper store,but it was $ 7.00 and something. Still cheaper than Tide Powder.

Frank Nagy says:

maybe i have cocaine whites because i use a dry bleach or liquid clorox 2 no matter what, but i assure you this is the old oxydol sasha

Jody says:

I found some Rinso at the 99 cent store and just had to get it. I don’t remember what the stuff that my grandmother used smelled like, but I would be willing to bet it didn’t smell like old paste like this stuff did. I wasn’t really impressed with it’s cleaning ability either. I will go to family dollar and see if I can find some Oxydol. I do love trying different detergents and want to see how this one will do on my whites.

Right not I am using Tandil from Aldi. I am pretty impressed with it so far.

Frank Nagy says:

sasha, i’ll bet you like i think that oxydol is one of the better brands, it’s unreal how cheap it is, i used to never use it in colours because it was so expensive only whites i’m still like that.  If you don’t have stains and use warm water, your colours are really bright with oxydol but i like cheer for colours wait till you try it

Frank Nagy says:

isn’t it wierd how oxydol smells so strong yet leaves NO smell on clothes?  proves it rinses out better than all other brands it leaves behind NO scent

Frank Nagy says:

one thing i love about this formulation is low suds.  i can use as much as i need without fear of oversudsing.  Sometimes, my clothes are so dirty i need 2 and a half cups.  Try it with tide, you’ll have suds till next week.  Not with oxydol.  But the more you use, no more suds, but the water is interestingly BLACKER and clothes are so clean.   One thing i always knew is oxydol never was made for cold water.  It’s bleach is activated with hot water.  Don’t waste it on your colours, it doesn’t remove stains well anyways, try cheer powder it ALWAYS dissolves and is better than tide cold water in cold water.  I urge you to do a review of it in cold water.  Once for the hell of it i washed filthy whites in cheer and cold water to my shock they got clean, not cleanest like oxydol, but these whites were actually clean and in COLD.  Was always better than cold power and tide coldwater.  Please do a review on cheer and cold water.  You’ll be amazed.  If you’re poor and cannot afford hot water and want the cleanest, try cheer honestly in cold water even with ice it EXCELS

Frank Nagy says:

after three months and washing only with oxydol and hot water, my socks still have no black on them when they come out of the washer.  Not even tide can do this, amazing how cheap it is, but rest assured, it’s the old oxydol we loved in the 70s and 80s for white clothes

Vee Willis says:

Thanks for sharing .  I like to oxydol liguid, that is very good also.

Jason Nabors says:

The liquid isn’t very thick, and I agree, the scent is nearly nonexistent.  I think it might be a product you could mix with other more expensive products to make it last longer.

Frank Nagy says:

just like the oxydol detergent of thirty years ago, smells very strong but leaves a faint to non existent smell on the clothes it rinses out so well

joe m says:

Hard to find

Blake West says:

If you’re old enough to remember the old Oxydol, before its maker Procter & Gamble sold it to Redux Brands in 2000, it was wayyyyy better then than it is today!! It smelled really clean, cleaned really well, made whites so white, almost cocaine-white!! It is so disappointing now. And its really too bad.


Yaahhh! Hu-ray! Can’t wait! thanks so much. I’m off to shop for it! Livewel – sd

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I find that some varieties of the Tide will make me itch also. I love the original Tide but the Tide with Downy sent me to the Doctor with Hives and breathing problems.

Frank Nagy says:

you are like me i have a thing of gain flings, oxydol, tide liquid, cheer, era and all.  i keep a well stocked laundry sasha that i can get any stain out.  everyone asks me on my line what i use i tell them just regular soap

Frank Nagy says:

I’d be willing to bet any one one hundred dollars if they wear whites daily like a nurse or a chef or waitressand you use oxydol and hot water, pretreat your stains, you will have a stand out white

Frank Nagy says:

once again oxydol never fails.  i used VERY HOT WATER and oxydol plain from family dollar and one cap clorox 2 and all the grey was out of the socks.  you could’ve put them back on the shelf and no one would’ve known.  thanx for finding this GEM sasha
look at the old commercials they are very true, it whitens like nothing else

JeriLynnKarr says:

I love Oxydol! Your review is very sweet. 🙂

Frank Nagy says:

isn’t it funny sasha all these years i always said that oxydol never leaves its clean smell on the clothes.  It rinses so thoroughly, you’d swear you used all free and clear.  I guess that was not in my head, as the powder has a CLEAN strong smell, yet it leaves no smell on the clothes.  My doctor says because the old stuff that’s in it rinses out so much better than the harsh shit we use today

Frank Nagy says:

sasha, oxydol never knew how to make liquid well, but their powder was the most expensive you could buy, today that box would be $15 if proctor and gamble still make it

Brooklynn Richards says:

I just bought this today for our towels. I like powder detergents for them and just put a load of towels in.

Frank Nagy says:

i don’t even have to ask you i bet you rinse till the water is clear your clean clothes tell me that, i rinse and rinse till my water is clear then i add softener.  if you don’t, you rinse in dirt.  but you have remarkably clean clothes sasha, like me, we’d be good friends.  I like to buy EVERYTHING even soap lol  but here’s a tip for whites ONLY oxydol ONLY hot water ONLY final touch softener (has bluing they no longer tell you but look how dark it is) it’s dirt cheap has bluing and makes whites stand right out.  That’s my secret to the whitest whites, as i’d throw something away that didn’t wash white.  I’m so glad you found Oxydol.  I wondered for years what happened to it.  I’ll never in my life wash my whites in anything else again nor will i use clorox unless everyone has the flu and i have a reason, and i will rinse all whites in only final touch original dark blue formula.  try it.  cheapest you can buy, very good softener very soft and white.  you got nothing to lose.  If you like oxydol and hot water on whites, you’ll LOVE final touch and will only use it on whites if you are like me.  I’m wierd like that.  I use suavitel on colours

John A. says:

Such a nice lady.

Frank Nagy says:

add some tripolyphosphate from the hardware store to stop residue.  If you’re not overloading, then that residue is not soap it’s calcium and magnesium not tied up from the washing soda.  The phosphates tie it up and rinse it out of the water.  You can only buy is seperate many people buy it for their dishwashers, i’m lucky the water here is very very soft

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Thank you. I use a lot of detergent myself. If you like a mild detergent; you will love this.

Frank Nagy says:

what you will love oxydol the most on they don’t make much anymore is shirts that are white with colour in them that cannot be bleached, even though a large part is white, you bleach it you ruin it.  Wash in oxydol in warm to hot water and watch magic

Frank Nagy says:

to this day sasha i use oxydol (thanx to you) on whites and cheer on colors in cold water it cleans better in cold than cold water tide you should do a review on cheer in cold water it’s awesome even if you add  ICE

Frank Nagy says:

when i don’t use suavitel in the rinse, once the clothes are dry they are as unscented as tide free and clear gives them.  Smells clean, but does NOT smell on the clothes, rinses all out.  try it.  open it.  smells like yesterday, smells clean.  but you can’t get it to smell like oxydol on the clothes even if you use more

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