Liquid Laundry Soap- Homemade Natural Cleaning Products #10 1/2

Laundry soap liquid is really easy to make and is just as effective as commercially available products. Its healthier for for us because it is chemical free and does not contain VOCs. It is better for the environment as well because it is sulfate and chemical free. Also check out how much money it can save:

1/2 of a soap bar: $1 (or about 2 loose cups, I got them on a bogo sale)
Borax: $.18 per 1/2 cup ($3.29 for a 76 oz box or 9.5 cups)
Washing soda $.21 ($2.97 for a 55 oz box or 6.9 cups)
Baking soda $.06 (50 cents for a 16 oz box or 2 cups)
Hot water- free
TOTAL of $1.45 per batch. One batch makes enough for about 52 large loads of laundry 104 medium or 156 small loads. Feel free to double recipe as needed, just use a second jar or a larger one. That means it is less then 1 cent for a small load, 2 cents for a medium load and 3 cents for a large load/
COMPARE to the Cost per load of Tide- .33 cents per small load (or .66 per large load) (based on a 150 oz jug for $31.50). The average family does 300-390 loads per year. That means by switching to a homemade laundry soap instead of commercial detergent we could SAVE $189- $245 per year!!

1/2 Bar of Plant Based Soap (8 oz bar)
1/2 Cup Borax
1/2 Cup Washing Soda
1/4 Cup Baking Soda
Hot Water
(essential oil for sent, if desired)
Grate soap or chop and place in a quart canning jar. Add 1 1/2 cups hot water. Let set overnight. The next day cut soap to loosen it up a bit (if it’s stiff) then add powders and about another 1 1/2 hot water. Place blender blades and screw bottom on mouth of canning jar. Blend until creamy. Use about 1 1/2 tsp. per small load 2-3 tsp. per medium load and 4-5 tsp. per large load.

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Emma Louise Green Beauty says:

Great video! I just subscribed to your channel 🙂  I have a natural, organic, chemical free beauty/lifestyle channel, please check it out 🙂

Vanessa McCorker says:

How long does this soap last you as a single person, I am assuming singleness?

Alicia Bailey says:

The big jar is half gallon I think.

Max Triplett says:

why would you buy soap to make soap???? what plants can you grow and make soap from? thats the real question

Howard Case says:

Great info! My wife and I have been making our own laundry soap for two years now and we have only spent around 30 – 40 bucks on ingredients. That also includes the 5 gallon bucket from Walmart. This stuff is SO much better on your clothes. No fading no bleaching. We will NEVER buy laundry soap from the store again. Oh, and by the way, its great on septic systems as well! Keep up the great video’s !!!

TheCx7800 says:

My blender fits a regular mouth mason jar. Thank you for all your info. Also I have done the mellow yellow thing for a long time. Today I am going to use bath water to flush once before I go to work.

Kimberly DeForge says:

Hello! Can I use this if I wash my clothes in cold water? Thanks! 🙂

Aneesah Rasheed says:

Hi….can this be used in an HE washer? Will it mess up the pump?

Jackie White says:

Has anyone used a immersion stick blender? I want to try but scared it will make a mess…..I have a stick blender that I only use for making my home made soaps.

Amanda ash says:

This is a great video. But what I never understood was, why do people add both baking soda and super washing soda? I could be wrong, but I was told that super washing soda is just more concentrated. Its the same ingredients, just cooked longer to make it more potent. So if thats the case, wouldnt regular baking soda just be diluting the super washing soda?

Angelica Torres says:

Instead of the bar soap can’t one use doctor broners liquid Castile soap?

Kellis Markova says:

hi there..I love watching your videos but I’ve never seen borax in England. do you know what I can use instead ?

Sabrina Massie says:

Love all your videos – But I’m curious as to why you specify plant-based soap?
I make my own soap-bars – Coconut Oil and Lard (50-50) and scent it with Essential Oils (or even fragrance oils sometimes). My recipe is slightly different, but nothing to quibble over –
I do not like making the liquid version – just far too much trouble – After running my grated soap through the food processor (found at a yard sale and used for soap-products only) along with the dry ingredients – I’ve had no trouble with the soap dissolving – dry is simply easier to use in my opinion.
Again – my only question is the use of plant-based soap … Just curious …

Andrea Tenorio says:

Hi, I am making a project about liquid soaps in our school, may I ask id I can add pineapple juice to your recipe, will it work out? and what amount should I put?

Is this liquid soap for hand washing or used in washing machine? Thank you 🙂

Susan Gamel says:

That big jar is a quart size

Cristy O says:

I’m so tempted to try this one. My blender doesn’t screw onto my jar though. :-/

JT Honey89 says:

Can’t wait to try this. Thank you.

Patrica Carner says:

followed instruction for the liq soap and the end product turned more of a soft clumpy and foamy consistence. What did i do wrong. Also instead of ending up with just a qt worth of product ended up with another pint of product

SophieBaiLei says:

Love your videos!….Thanks so much!   Do you have a good homemade liquid dish soap?   I have multiple chemical sensitivities and must use fragrance and sulfate free.  I also cannot use decyl glucoside with is very mild and not sure why it gives me a problem, unless it is made from plants or sugar beets contaminated with pesticides or GMO’s.  If you have any ideas about this, I would like to hear about it.  I’ve tried Dr. Bronner’s castile for dishwashing and I hate it!  Thanks so much for your help!

Pat Wagner says:

Any thoughts on grated soap not gelling in the hot water 24 hrs after it was made? Wonder if it would be ok to add the other ingredients?

Albany Mountain homestead says:

do you use fabric softener?

Moira Livingstone says:

I made this soap and it separated into an oily consistency on the bottom and a soft solid cream consistency on top of it. When I used it in my washing machine with cold water, the two teaspoons were still solid. What might I have done wrong?

Hebraic Homemaker says:

Great video!  Walmart sells “Kirk’s Castile Soap” bars in a 3 pack for $3.28

Pat Sanzone says:

Love this soap. On to my second batch. Thanks so much for sharing !

Modern Pioneers says:

Your recipe is good, but for me, putting olive oil in my clothes just doesn’t seem right – I’m sure its fine, but I make the liquid one for my daughter because she washes in cold and Borax will NOT dissolve in cold water, only warm. So I use powdered version for my warm washes and liquid for cold washes – thanks for sharing all your great tips! Just an FYI – you have a typo in the title of the video which may cause some problems with keywords! hugs!

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