No More Toxic Laundry Detergent! The Natural Solution for Clean, Fresh Clothes!
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No More Toxic Laundry Detergent! The Natural Solution for Clean, Fresh Clothes!

In this video, Corrina discusses the dangers of conventional laundry detergents and shows before and after laundry washed with Crystal Wash– a non-detergent way to clean your clothes!! The Crystal Wash bioceramic balls clean your laundry naturally and without toxic residues or artificial fragrance. This is great for people with sensitive skin who may get rashes from their clothes. A natural laundry alternative is also great for the environment and makes a greener home!

Corrina Rachel is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, you can learn more about her on her website: This is a paid product review for Crystal Wash.

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MeatNinja says:

These balls don’t do anything. Don’t get scammed people!

Mikhail Mikhail says:

Great at disseminating information to the masses, but holy organic grass feed cow – Corina is an AWFUL, AWFUL salesperson. She is terrible, selling products is definitely not her thing. This was painful to watch, I never seen so many thumbs down. Please don’t torture your audience by making us suffer through this bad wanna be infomercial!

ybunnygurl says:

They really do I say this but you’re doing your laundry wrong. If you have soap left in your laundry also known as surfactants it means you’re not rinsing her laundry or your washing machine isnt rinsing your laundry also many of these are spun out in the spin cycle there should be little to absolutely no soap left in your laundry. Most people who have soap left in their laundry actually use too much soap. If you buy a extractor to use after your washer spin cycle you’ll find that your clothes no longer of soap residue on them. Also useful to note phosphates have been outlawed in laundry detergent for quite some time since like the mid nineties in the United States. The only really scary thing and laundry detergent is optical brighteners that stay on after the wash

GreatestAndGreatest says:

Great product!!!!

I Ate Eight says:

I love the notion that not adding colouring and perfume increases the price. Just like unbleached toilet paper, it costs extra to not do stuff.

SGT ROCK says:

Kool! Thanks for the info…LOVE YOU!!

Marissa Moo says:

Can you make a video talking about Aloe drinks, I don’t know if they are healthy or not.

PsycheTruth says:

Your skin is the largest organ and the most absorbent! Keep toxins off your skin and out of your system with this non-toxic Laundry cleaner.

ThisIsNotPictureTube says:

Thanks I think I will have to try them… But 1k uses how will u keep tack of that lol

CGonzalezZ says:

I make my own detergent. how much are you getting pay to endorse this product?

tash8820 says:

I have used some of those before… 🙂

Simu Shahin says:

What are you thoughts on soapnuts? xx

EpicCupcake12 says:

I have eczema

Chert Monkey says:

I’m all for natural soaps, etc….but I’m not convinced…..if it’s natural they should be able to tell us what it is… need for marketing terms like” bio-ceramic”….
Good old fashioned 20 mule team borax is a natural mineral that raises the wash water PH….

Jennifer Zhao says:

Can you do a healthy liquid oil for high heat?

Besa65 says:

I’ve seen other reputable channels talk about this same product. They all had positive reviews as well. Thanks for reminding me about this again. I almost forgot about it. I really would like to try it. Thanks for the coupon!

Mthwa Tungata says:

These could keep me going for an entire year ☺️ Any of you hand wash your clothes before running them on the washing machine? Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I really just trust the machine!

Natalie Mccormick says:

What was the code? I’d like to try it. Thanks.

Mary M says:

What is the coupon code? I’m not finding it on the link.

zollipop says:

No yoga video on Monday?

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