Persil Laundry Detergent Review By Sashamoniquetalks

This is me SashaMoniqueTalks reviewing Persil Laundry Detergent. I decided to go to the Laundromat so I am bringing you this product review straight from there.

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jaykay18 says:

Yes, Persil is some nice stuff. When I was tipped off that they started carrying it in this country, I bought some right away. At the time it was quite expensive and I still think it is. I’ve also been told that overseas, Persil doesn’t look the same as what we have here. In my opinion, that’s probably true, just like soda here has high fructose corn syrup, but the rest of the WORLD gets real sugar.

Go,SheDot,Go! says:

Girl I don’t care when im in public people can kick rocks you have the freedom to record where ever you please if the establishment itself don’t say stop filming DON’T STOP FILMING. I use gain myself. I add a little bit of ammonia too its like bleach for colors. It actually gets your whites whiter than bleach too. Great review sis keep it up!

Michael Fennell says:

I love your videos and I’m sure it’s a good detergent from what I’ve heard but I went to buy it one day I didn’t like the smell and I scanned it with my Cruelty-Cutter app and it tested positive for animal chemical testing. I will only buy “all” “Sun” brand which is reasonably priced and when I’m at ShopRite and they’re on sale I’ll buy “Yes” brand, dynamo. Fab, or Ajax and I’ve heard some of the natural brands like seventh generation don’t test either but I don’t buy them. I’m not a total animal lover and I don’t like dogs too much even though I have them but I don’t like that especially beagles for the most part along with bunnies and rabbits are being used. And it’s not just laundry products they test on, it’s cleaning supplies and personal care stuff too. I just thought I’d like to say this so others are aware.

Happy Tristan 2004 says:

Your welcome your the best YouTube channel ever!.

Kena Young says:

I love Persil, it get your clothes very clean and has a very nice clean smell. Ms. Sasha have you tried the Oxi clean detergent? That works good too just like Persil.

Happy Tristan 2004 says:

Nice!. You finally made a intro for your channel!.

Happy Tristan 2004 says:

Good job!.

Fun with 3T says:

Sent by Slimchelle, we subscribed to your channel and will be glad if you could sub us back so that we can support each other.Have a nice day!

Happy Tristan 2004 says:

Please subscribe me!.

Yourpleasure721 says:

thanks for sharing sent by slimchelle and subbed

slimchelle says:

hey sis thanks for the awesome review thanks again I just upload my video shown what u sent me

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Persil is Awesome!

Rachel G says:

I love Persil! It is my favorite, just love the smell. I used to buy it when I lived in Germany and am so glad they have it here. Just wish it was cheaper!

fashionable china says:

hey sis my daughter use that kind! she like it…

mrsjoneslovinglife jones says:

Thanks for the review always wonder how it works tfs!!

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