Stop Buying Chemicals Use Soap Nuts For Laundry, Cleaning And So much More

Most of us are still using traditional laundry detergent to make our clothes smell fresh and clean, and while they’re obviously effective, they come at a big-price.
Conventional laundry soaps often contain toxic chemicals with a wide range of negative effects including everything from skin irritation to carcinogenicity.

Thankfully, there are soap nuts. Soap nuts, which may also be referred to as soap berries, are an all natural alternative to potentially harmful laundry-detergents, and they have a number of other uses too. This berry-like fruit grows on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, native to India and the Himalayas.

Here are 4 chemical based products soap nuts can replace in your house.

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David Serge says:

Thanks so much

truthsout says:

Who would have thought? Very interesting, thanks.

Utkarsh Niranjan says:

In India, soap nuts are available on many general stores. I personally use soap nut(रीठा) as shampoo. For healthier hairs, you can also add dried Indian gooseberry(आंवला ) and dried Acacia Concinna / shikaakaai(शिकाकाई).

007Chakochi says:

Awesome. Thanks

La Danse Macabre says:

I use Marseille soap for hair, body and laundry.

Rufo Rufo says:

i just cant tolerate that annoying voice anymore…, un-subbed!!

it's just that simple says:

I’m allergic

Balu Anbalagan says:

Great.. Thanks for sharing it.. Keep the good work..

Gomez l Addams says:

hot water is running you tip your head back oh yeah my shampoo is in the refrigerator!

LOWE sonia says:

Where do you buy Soap Nuts? Never seen them.

jimsiggy says:

We switched from detergent to soap nuts, about 3 months ago; the wash turns out great. I don’t use just soap nuts, I also add 1/2 cup of borax, 1/2 cup distilled vinegar and about 1 Tbsp of 35% hydrogen peroxide. I don’t think the H2O2 is necessary, but I have an excess, which I bought for horticultural reasons, so why not add a little more antimicrobial kick to the wash?

Stacy Hackney says:

Great tips, thank you

Illidan Stormrage says:

I love youuuuuuu

Mike Kensington says:

That’s different

Marek Lonček says:

Sorry for stupid question. What is this soap nuts? I tried to find it in the shops, but nobody understood me

Kishore Kumar Superhit Songs - Abhishek says:

nice tips. thank you!!

Heather Baldwin says:

And you get these where?

Javier Barragan says:

My favorite soap is Dr. Bronners Hemp Soap.

Inna Mikhova says:

For laundry what amount should I use as soap nut detergent?

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