STOP using HOMEMADE Laundry Soap?!?!

I love making homemade laundry detergent, but is it bad to use it? I discuss the potential that homemade laundry detergent is unhealthy for us and bad for our washing machines. What do you think?

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Lupita Castillo says:


Jean Simmons says:

What brand are you using? I have only been making my own about 4 months. You have given me food for thought.

Ginger Borgeson says:

I began using a combo of yucca root powder, soda, and vinegar. It works very well, keeps washer clean and is inexpensive AND NATURAL!

The Curl Family says:

When my homemade soap works better than tide I will still make my own

Heather Jarnagan says:

I’ve been using the Thieves line of products for 3 years now and LOVE them! We have seen a major change in our and our kid’s oral health since changing over to their toothpaste. Our family is healthier since we started using essential oils. My oldest who was born with Spina Bifida has shown some major progress since I’ve been anointing her with oils. She now has movement in her toes and she can feel from her waist down. Before I started using oils she didn’t have any movement with her toes nor could she feel below her waist. God gave us the plants to use and YL is amazing with their quality of plants they get their oils from.

Saundra Frioux says:

I was using borax and it was leaving a film on the inside of my machine. I treated this by cleaning the inside with water/vinegar using a spray bottle. To kill bacteria you can run a rinse cycle with bleach, just don’t add clothing. ( once a week) I saw a tutorial on making a liquid soap out of solids but I can’t find the link.

Alice Whittington says:

I don’t know the difference between one cleaner and another, but my daughters use fels-naptha, borax, and soda I there soap. I just use Mrs Meyers honeysuckle, I live alone, and only do one load of clothes a week. For my bedding I use Ajax

Shannon Arnold says:

I made 2 different varieties of homemade laundry detergent and ended up switching to tide because our clothes weren’t getting clean. I tried for about 6 months.

Beccas By The Bay #SoapMaker #TinyUrbanHomesteader says:

They made Laundry Soap Years ago from homemade soap. Her argument does not makes sense. Soap Real Handmade Soap Cleans. Borax, Washing Soda & Handmade Saponified Oils into Soap will not junk up our washing machines. I make Laundry Soap from Scratch. I have used store bought Castille, Pink Zote & Kirks Castille. My Handmade Soap washes better. You can make a liquid or fine powder. My powder dissolves in even cold water. Use 100% Coconut Oil to make your soap. Use a 0% Superfat so no extra oils are left after saponification. You can add Oxyclean. Give it a try. Tea Tree Oil helps cuts grease & stains. I can help you out girl. I messaged you on FB Messenger. Becca <3

BreakAway Homesteader says:

But Zote is Laundry Soap… I can see how it can ruin your washer if you only run cold loads… but knowing that our home-made laundry soap has a hard bar soap in it, all of our loads are run on at least warm water. Zote is made from coconut and citronella oils… AS A MAN, I made the decision to switch over to homemade soap… We keep it simple – Ingredients: One Large Box of Washing Soda / Half of a Large Box of Borax / One Regular Box of Baking Soda / One Box of Already Flaked Zote SOAP (White – hint… both the pink and white are the same). We dump it into a bucket – close the lid and shake… 1/4 cup per load… No issues on our end…

Luciann Schankweiler says:

Just use fels naphtha soap in a bar and grate it. It is a laundry soap.

Whitney Michelle says:

I have been trying for seven years now to find a laundry detergent that *actually* cleans our clothes efficiently. I can’t tell you how many clothes I’ve ruined with my homemade laundry detergent.
With that being said, I do believe that there is a recipe or better ratio of ingredients for homemade laundry detergent out there I just haven’t done my homework and found the science behind it. So, for our family at this moment we are using a commercial detergent until further notice.

Living Traditions Homestead says:

Great discussion, everyone! Thanks so much and keep it up!

Andrew Richmond says:

blab blab blab! bullplat!

sandra perdun says:

I made the powder and liquid. I used it for about 6 months and switched back to arm and hammer. Also homemade dish soap “fail”. Air freshener and ironing spray awesome. Window cleaner ok.

Madeline kukahiko says:

I did make some but didn’t get to use it yet when I wash again I will

clapoutloud66 clapoutloud66 says:

Laundry detergent is a personal choice homemade or purchased, I prefer purchasing mine…..cheaper brand, don’t care what someone thinks about it.

Kathy Swanson says:

I read the whole blog.
In the end it is an add for young living multi level marketing.
This is the end of the blog…
“By the way, when you sign up as a Young Living wholesale member with me, you get personalized support from me and my team, exclusive access to our private Facebook groups with tons of free resources and education, classes and live workshops, a bunch of giveaways and freebies only for our team, and a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait to have you join us!”
This person is making a commission on everything you buy. As soon as I saw them promoting Young Living I became very suspect. Why not just join a cult

wtb61 says:

I have thought this for years. That is why I use detergent and final rinse with white vinegar.

bjquilts29 says:

I no longer make my own laundry detergent either. I stopped because no matter what I did, it wasn’t getting the cloths clean. I have better things to do with my time then make something with poor results!

Alechia Neathery says:

I made my own clothes soap because I was haveing problemo in some areas when I wear some clothes that touch me in some areas of my private parts. I noted that my washer was staying cleaner than with the store bought clothes soap made for HE washer. Also it didn’t smell as bad when I use homemade cloths soap. My stept-brother love my clothes soap because he use to work for a gas station doing their clean up,gasoline spill,fix stuff,work in freezer. His work shirt would sometimes get really dirty. My homemade clothes soap clean it so good that his shirt were bright. His boss ask him what soap he was using. He told him it was some I made for him. I use to use some my mom would get through the mail in some kind of triangle program that sale natural products. I love the clothes cleaning products and some of the other house hold cleaners. I will have to look in to a all natural plant based cloth soap and product.

Adina Stevens says:

So, basically, from what I can gather, it is not the soap that is bad, but the washing process. Wash clothes by the old fashion way with home made soap and its alright. Was clothes with home made soap in a modern day washing mashing and it leave your clothes stinky and dingy.

To me, what is wrong with this is the washing machine. I remember whilst living in Jamaica we used to wash clothes by hand. When I moved back to England, we used to wash clothes in the bath by hand, then using the laundromat, before using personal washing machine at home. What I remember is that the clothes washed by hand seems to be much cleaner than clothes washed by the washing machine. Also, hanging clothes outside used to leave them with a fresh smell that no fabric conditioner has ever managed to give them.

Just thought I’d add that little bit of info to anyone interested.

B2 bb says:

I feel like you should research this yourself instead of taking someone’s word for it. When you add the fat to lye it neutralizes it. Lye is what makes ALL soap suds, and is only dangerous in its original form. Please don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself.

Vivid Visions A.Y.S. says:

Hi there. I feel that the manufacturers are afraid of loosing profits. Think about it if you start out spending money on their products they make money, right, good for them. You find your health declining not sure why. You talk to people and they suggest to try switching out you laundry soap to see how you feel after 30-60 days. You start to feel better. While your body is detoxing, that manufacture is not making money from you. Their profits go down and your saving money and your life. They say homemade is bad for you detail 1, 2 & 3, you worry and go back whether it be same brand or not. All I can truly say is to be careful. It may not be the case but then again, it could. Change your recipe if need be. Save where you can. Yes, do your research and make your BEST decision after you have exhausted every corner and turned the last stone. Be healthy, be wise and live a long happy life.

L Conner says:

So why are we using fels naptha or zote? Does no other bar soap work the same? Why not. What about Ivory or Dove? Please do not be rude, this is a discussion.

Lets Create says:

I will never give up on my homemade soap

Brandon Outten says:

I’m very happy with the Honest Company, Their entire line is made of plant based natural cleaners and it’s also dye and perfume free which is a huge plus they are irritating to many including me!

Linda Adams says:

I mix 5 bars of Zote and 4 1/2 gallons of boiling water. Let it set up in a covered bucket over night. My clothes are clean and soft. My husband is a truck driver and he gets his clothes dirty, I get them clean. I have used thisfor 6 years now and won’t go back to store bought laundry detergent.

HaHa HELL says:

So!… What was your final decision?

Jocelyn Soria says:

It’s true!!! Homemade laundry soap is very bad for your clothing. Soap itself is terrible for clothing. There are other science based groups that go into detail about it. If you are hand washing, perhaps you can make it work but it is not ok for conventional washing machines. You need detergent with surfactants. Detergent molecules have two ends, one is hydrophilic and the other is hydrophobic. Hydrophilic means it loves water, hydrophobic means it doesn’t like it. These bonds help the detergent to stick to dirt and oils and make it wash out in a way that soap DOES NOT. Also, my brother in law does appliance maintenance and he HATES homemade soaps for clothing. He said people were always ruining their washing machines with the soap and then complaining to him about their machines not cleaning their clothes.

Pamela Etheridge says:

For dirty clothes I think the best detergent is Dawn dish soap. Really gets my husband’s clothes clean!

InMyWorldToday PatriciaCallen says:

I read the blog and I guess I am still sold on the homemade laundry soap. However I do think I could or would tweak it… Adding vinegar to the water instead of borax or washing soda and decrease the amount of soap I like Fells Naptha. I will also do more by hand vs in a machine.

Sylvia Lewis says:

bull shit

Vicky Lynn says:

I’ve been making my own laundry detergent and I’m going to continue making it. It cleans my families clothes better than store bought

Linda Benedict says:

My daughter-in-law was making their laundry soap and their clothes got grayer and grayer. She went back to commercial laundry soap and has clean clothes again.

Kamla Ramalingum says:

Oh honey don’t listen to that blogger. You continue to make your laundry soap. They sold you a yarn.

Alice Whittington says:

Food for thought thanks

stinkygraykitty says:

I would grate a bar of fels naptha soap into a small sauce pan with water, heated it until the soap melted, then I put that into a clean 5 gallon white painters bucket and added water pretty much to the top (a few inches below rim) and added some essential oils. I never had any issues and I have sensitive skin 😉

momof2 says:

Made it and used it for a while…it just didn’t get our laundry clean, no matter what recipe I tried. I switched to Tide Pods and LOVE them !!!!!! Our laundry is SOOOOOOOO much cleaner, and so very , very fresh since the switch. I still make my own all purpose disinfectant cleaner though.

Angel castro says:

I know this is old news, but I read that so called blog and it sounds more to me like someone heavily plugging that product she uses. I plan to grow my own soap once i finally find my homestead. I want to end by saying i do truly enjoy your videos and have learned a lot from watching them. thanks for putting these out. Keep up the good work, y’all.

Lisa A Johnson says:

I don’t make my own specific laundry detergent, but I use laundry bar soap now. Look for it a Spanish grocery store or Latina section of your regular grocer. It’s hard to find but it works better with my hard, iron water than anything else I have tried. I had a front loader washer that was impossible to clean and it did mildew badly. Didn’t matter what I used. I sold it and bought a wash broad! For several years I washed everything except the bed clothes in the bath tub on the wash board with laundry bar soap and clothes were cleaner than they ever have been. No added wear and tear either. White socks especially looked good. Clean and white without bleach that does significantly shorten the life of a garment. Softening your water to much is often the problem not the soap. Super soft water doesn’t allow the soap to actually bind with the dirt. Because of this, all of the dirt isn’t removed and clothes look dingy. Just cut back on the borax or washing soda, avoid vinegar (acts like bleach and breaks down fibers) Air dry on a sunny day if at all possible. With hard waters extend the washing time instead of softening the water and don’t worry if you don’t see a lot or any suds, it’s still working. Remember to pretreat and as a general rule don’t let stains set in.



lark6spur says:

I pretty much do what I want! Screw other’s opinions!

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