The New Organic Laundry Detergent With Only Three Ingredients

Laundry day is one of our favourite days. Everything smells good, fresh and clean but did you know your beloved laundry detergent is actually full of disgusting untested chemicals? We are new to this fact but after talking to Lauren we feel inspired to make a change. 

Lauren Singer is the girl that produces no waste. Her website “Trash is for tossers” documents her journey to a completely trash free life. She started producing her own products. Such as toothpaste, deodorant and…  laundry detergent. 

Her own laundry product is made out of strictly natural ingredients and best of all: it works! Kind as she is, Lauren decided that the rest of the world should have the option to clean their clothes environmentally. Therefore she started the Kickstarter campaign and The Simply Co. was born. 

Want to know more about the niche topic of laundry detergent? Check out the history of laundry detergent to enlighten yourself. Feeling a bit dubious about your own laundry detergent? Unfortunately The Simply Co is sold out, but check out YouTube for a shitload of guides on how to make your own organic products. 

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Drea Stanley says:

It’s ridiculous how much stuff we throw away and chemicals we used. Stojo has a pretty shocking (and factual) quiz up right now.

Molly Stalinista says:

Why is she trying to commercialize something you can find on line for free? Honestly, capitalists are so brazen about their hucksterism. Kickstarter is nothing but capitalists milking the working class for funding which in turn the capitalist will privatize the profits.

If Singer takes her “investment” (money earned by the working class) and turns around and shares the profits with everybody who invested, then that’s fine. Who here thinks she will do that? What a huckster.

Simply DIY laundry detergents are available —> on You Tube. Just look to your right. You don’t need to pay Singer for laundry detergent. This isn’t rocket science, why give her your money? She’s a brazen capitalist out for the profit.

Mivs says:

This recipe was going before she was even born. What a charlatan

Gloria Nenufarr von Suntoth says:

She had studied for so many years at the uni hard subjects to make what my grandma was making in the ww2 during natzy?? What a waist of time why even go to the university and spend all the money on those clothes and books . Well economicaly it does not make sense besides what for to do it. consumerizm is necessary for progress and scientific development.this liifestyle not possible with kids and husband

Grant Turner says:

I agree I would love to work for her

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