Wash Your Body WITHOUT SOAP! | Norwex Review

Hope you enjoy my review of these Norwex products! If you’re interested in getting your own, visit Sara’s site here:



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Debra Hoeing says:

Have you tried Beautycounter? We work with the most responsibly sourced ingredients to create the safest alternative in personal care if you’re still in to using a product as well as color cosmetics free of harmful heavy metals! No toxins, much less breakouts or sensitivity! I did just get the makeup cloth and am SO pumped to use it! Ps your eyes are beautiful ❤️

Kim Stelmach says:

I also agree you can be gentler around the eyes (spoken as a woman turning 50 this year!). Also stoke inward, using mainly 3rd finger as it’ll guarantee less pressure.

You are adorable! Keep shining!

I’m going to get this and then intro to all my friends who wear makeup. Cool!

click411 says:

Of i am away from home i have used norwex to wipe my teeth but does it hurt the enamel with the silver scraping

myname istaken1996 says:

I’m so glad this movement is going on.

Latifah Davis says:

Wait…you aren’t suppose to use the body cloth with soap? I never knew that LOL I’ve been using soap with mine for months.

an9el3md says:

Even though you are being gentle, all that tugging on your skin will effect it. Use some plain soap with the cloth or noxema.

myname istaken1996 says:

You are so pretty yo.

Emily Trujillo says:

You only have to wash it once a month, or longer. I only do it when it gets “crunchy” LOL I loved your review!!! Thank you!

Jann Schott says:

At the end of the video you display ALL the ingredients that are in that Olay cleanser…but have you ever looked at the ingredient list of the make-up that goes on your face, and eyes? Just a thought.

Ashley June says:

You deserve way more subscribers!!

Alicia Hollenbeck says:

do you feel like it cleans your body just as well as soap?

Lia Pastohrias says:

Yeah, those Olay products are toxic… full of sulfates.

Jaclyn Cole says:

Norwex does not irritate my super-sensitive skin!

Carabeth Womack says:

I just started doing demos as well. I use the body cloth for my makeup. I did mention shaving my legs as well. I plan to post more products. I love Norwex!

Becky Burns says:

What a great review — you are adorable!!!  Question, though. While the cloth took off your liner & mascara, it doesn’t appear to take off your eyeshadow…that still looks the same as the other eye…?

pedro ramos says:

OMG why are you not making videos???? You are by far one of the best youtubers I’ve ever came across .you are so genuine and entertaining.

Renee Howard says:

@an9el3md, the point of using the cloth is to effectively remove product WITHOUT using any chemicals. Soap and noxema are worse for your skin than what she’s doing.
I thought this was a great review!

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