What Is The Best Car Soap?…Does It Matter!



DavidDiSante says:

Scott, never apologize for being so in-depth. Those who don’t appreciate attention to detail probably aren’t the ones going balls deep with washing/detailing their cars like some of us do. Love the vids and the tips you give. Keep it up, good sir!

Matthew Siwula says:

here in florida the sun will oxidize clear coat in 8 years.  i would rather take care of sealant or even a coating.

Ripster says:

Purple Power Vehicle and Boat Wash

Majed Abu says:

you’re the real MVP!!!!

firefeem says:

Ha you sound like Howard Stern. That’s awsome.

Terry Maclean says:

Great stuff Scotty…..love your videos man. I’ve learned a lot for you. I own a 2014 BLACK Camaro and use some of your advise all the time.

The PilotMaster says:

aye man your videos are some of the best detailing videos out there!

J Coz says:

Scott, have you ever used the yellow wash and wax. I am in the process of testing it as a detailer mix with water. I am wondering if you have tested that product that way.

Ed P says:

Just subscribed recently; really appreciate all the great info and experience. In this video you like Meguiar’s Gold Class (I’ve used it and like it too). But in a different video you recommend Blue Coral. Which one for hard water? Thanks!

Luis Espinal says:

also can you do a video of some car fragrances to use after a detail IF you recommend that.

Manlio Bauitsta says:

Hi Scott,
Great video!
If I use distilled water with the Gold Class in the bucket, and I rinse with the water hose, would it be useful?

Sally Boy says:

Mothers with carnuba car wash. Typically, anything Mothers product is way better then Maguires in my experience.

shmutube says:

In deciding between integrity of the clear coat and less scratches I think I’m inclined to say I would like to ensure a minimum level of gloss on the car. I think this would mean that, after a good polishing job, I’d like to minimize damage to the clear coat. Thoughts?

BL32K says:

Just found your page I’ve searched …was wondering if you’ve given the name of the mystery soap I’ve yet to find the video…thnk you in advance

Tanner Paul says:

Spoken like a real world detailer. I laugh at all these guys doing corvettes and what not but a majority of us are working on a honda civic that hasnt been taken care of or even seen a one step polish.

Kiran Varsani says:

Have you revealed the suspense yet? Sorry I couldn’t find any video link in the description or in your channel showing the soap you mentioned in this video. Unless I didn’t pay enough attention.

sean poquette says:

is this guy in wit sec. lol I mean he’s in Dallas with clearly a ny accent …hey jimmer 3 fingers rated

Enceladus says:

Are you originally from New Orleans?

Junior k says:

Have you heard of the pronano soap

Weekend Warrior says:

What’s the magic soap!?!

Nicklous Cooper says:

I’ll be slammed for this but in my years of hand washing, the best most luster producing soap you can use is Murphy Oil Soap. That’s right, it’s the one with the green emblem and is touted as “Original Wood Cleaner”. It’s relatively inexpensive and beats McGuires and others. Just wash, blow dry the car, and chamois or micro fiber towel to wipe up remaining drops.

This is not a joke and just try it one time and you’ll be hooked as I was. Just let results speak for itself!!

usernamemykel says:

My friend, I am now confused. On 6/29,2017, you promoted “Meguiar’s Wash Plus”, and now here, on July 13, 2017, you promote “Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash”. Did you change your mind in less than a month or am I missing something?
Many thanks!

chris alvarez says:

The only things I’m wondering is 1. The glass but I did contact aquapel and they say it also resists high alkaline detergents like found at car washes. So that would be my only concern for doing this routinely weekly or bi weekly. 2. Maybe another approach is purple power or regular car shampoo with apc added to get a clean slate at least twice a year

ray hilyard says:

What is the best soap to use on a new vehicle

Tony Lawlor says:

Did he say ph neutral….

Paul L says:

Haha. I just was in Walmart yesterday and found Superclean gallons in detailing and a guy in a grey garage type shop shirt asked if I was using it for detailing because he saw the spray bottles and I said that a you tube guy Scott from Dallas Paint Correction recommended it. He says that guy is good, he really knows his stuff. He used to do body work and paint at a high end dealership but now does paint correction and detailing on contract and on his own. Says you have solid ‘Real World’ info on every aspect of paint correction and detailing.
You’re famous.
Thanks for taking the time to put it out there.

Mark Johnson says:

Hey Scott, I like your idea of using the purple power vehicle and boat wash for doing a full clean of the vehicle removing traffic film, etc… however i noticed that it does not foam up that well when using the foam cannon. Ever try mixing some Gold class shampoo with the purple power to give it a better foaming action with the foam cannon? I would assume the mixture would still have the traffic film removing properties? Too cold now here in PA to try it on my own…

Tom says:

Scott, I couldn’t find the video where you had some reps there to show which soap you were going to use as a no touch soap with a power washer. Where is that video, or what was the product! Love your videos.

Selna Goodhead says:

I’m too Lazy( and Old and Handicapped) I belong to my Towns Car wash Club for $30 mo.. I drive the car thru it as a hands Free wash..once a week in summer and 2-3x wk in winter here, in Wi., But, I also have them Super Wax it in the Spring and Fall ( included in the $360 yr ) and the Paint has a 3 coast of Clear Coat prior.. 3 yrs and its like new ..;-)

chris alvarez says:

Scott I get it. And your reasoning and mind set about this issue makes total sense. Which makes me wonder are we ALL doing it wrong lol and the general car wash industry doing it right? Higher alkaline soaps are the way to go I think the car washes use them in both brushed and touchless. But like I said per the sds of soaps, like any product they are not all created equal. Like the examples I gave u for instance the meguiars gold class is more alkaline than most so hardly “neutral” I’m pretty open minded so I’m not married to any product or process. My only questions about this however is, does the purple power or any higher alkaline soaps completely 100% remove all traffic film? Also I have used countless sealants over the years and some of my go to’s are acrylic based. And I can tell u through countless touchless car washes in the winter the sealant remains in tact. Some even say on the bottle they resist high alkaline detergents.

Kelly Clark says:

You repeat the same sentences over and over. Please cut to the chase.

BadMadPlay says:

why don’t you use a waterblaster?

classicdell says:

What do you think about this brand? (Griot’s Garage 10866 Car Wash)

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