CLEAN WITH ME! // Natural Home Cleaning Routine

Happy New Year Sunshines! This video has been my #1 requested for many years and I’m so happy to enter 2018 sharing a full home cleaning routine using my long time favorite cleaning products + some new tips & tricks for shopping and making your cleaning days much easier. LET’S GET CLEAN IN 2018!

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Pampering Routine (Skin + Hair Recovery)

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a: Grove Collaborative 3 pack concentrates
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d: Grove Enamel Caddy
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PS: I purchased these items myself, as I already had them and I’ve been using the majority of these products for many years. The only recently new items I featured are from because I’m new to grove. The only items I did not pay for myself are the grove branded items, but everything else (which is the majority) was purchased by me.

Ecover Zero Non-Chlorine Bleach
Dr. Bronners Sal Suds
Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda (no aluminum)
20 Mule Team Borax
Organic Control Liquid Detergent
Sun & Earth Fabric Softner
Wool Dryer Balls (reusable)

Grove Collaborative 3 pack concentrates
Grove Re-usable Glass Bottles
Vinegar Disinfectant DIY
Grove Microfiber cloths
Grove Caddy
Full Circle Cellulose Sponge Cloths
Full Circle Mini Dust Pan

Ecos Rinse Aid
If You Care Dishwasher Tablets
Ecos Dish Soap + Dishwasher Gel
Grove Glass Cleaner Brush
Full Circle Bottle Brush
Grove Walnut Sponge
Full Circle + Grove Brush Dish
Grove Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves
Microfiber Dish Drying Pads (sur la table)

E-cloth Duster
Full Circle Duster
DoTerra Essential Oil Diffuser
Ancient Apothecary Rosemary essential oil
Grove Microfiber Towel
E-Cloth Mop
DIY Floor Cleaner
Shark Floor/Carpet Vacuum

Grove Concentrate Tub & Tile Cleaner
Vinegar DIY Spray
Grove Hand Sanitizer
A La Maison Fig Basil Handsoap
Bronners Sal Suds
Toilet Brush Cleaner (CB2)

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This video is in partnership with Grove Collaborative, in agreement to feature their online shop and why I use it. The brands I’m using in the video are what I’ve genuinely been using for years and Grove carries these brands on their website. I have no affiliation to the brands mentioned, I sincerely love and use these products. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.


hainarosie daniela says:

You are very, very beautiful and inspiring! Lots of kisses from Romania!

Plamedie Bitane says:


BeckyGamez says:

Is this sponsered?

DoinThe BestICan says:

I have thought about using St. Bronners for cleaning and laundry but I figured it would get expensive. Would anyone know if this is so?

Elyanna Shala’ Today says:

You should give a house tour that’ll be very interesting!!

Ingrid Morales says:

Thank you for this video. I really motivated to do non to I cleaning. Blessings

Sloane Howard says:

What a beautiful home!!!

Vlada Perets says:

You’re sooo beautiful : )

Eco Chicks says:

I love natural, non-toxic cleaners. These products are affordable and have ZERO chemicals, no dyes, no fragrances and work so great! Check these out.

Jen Go says:

I have been watching your videos for years now! Being Dominican (no offense to anyone) is so hard to live in the nontoxic lifestyle I have tried because my boys have asthma but then I find myself again buying Ajax, Mistolin and Fabuloso please help any tips how I can finally make this transition? Also the transition of eating healthier? thank you! Blessings to you and your family.

Noemi Gonzaga says:

Love this!

Jennay Deng says:

I love this !!!!

Ethel Esteves says:

I GAVE HER THAT TOP! ommggg. <3 okay i'm kidding y'all.
Loved this video, very nice!

tulipthorn says:

Very helpful. Thank you, Alba.

Lyras Wesley says:

Love the gloves !

Gita and CO says:

yestetday your sister subskribed my chanelll! wow im happy !!!!!!!! in 2 days i got + 1216 subs!!!!!!! and realy nice streem

My Simple Little Life says:

Obsessed with Grove Co!! Amazing!! ☺️

T'Mera F says:

I love this video! Feeling super inspired; also, your home is lovely! I’ve definitely decided it’s time for organic living! Currently looking for toxic free hair care products as well.

April Alcoser Luna says:

I know a company that actually manufactures their own quality green products & I get my products in 2-3 days! They also pay their customers for referring their products! It’s totally awesome.

Sim lala says:

Am I the only one that wants to LIVE in this house! So clean and peaceful looking!

Lyras Wesley says:

Like watching Mrs Alba ( aka S.K.A. SunKissAlba) clean her home. OMG….she uses Borax, does she know it’s older than her most likely about my age. Very refreshing and informative. Thank you for your time and efforts it’s greatly appreciated!

Daisy says:

wow your soo gorgeous !!

Sophie Sorenson says:

This is so helpful!!! I am only young and obviously don’t have my own house yet. But when I do I would love to use all natural cleaners too clean my home. Thank you for the great tips!!! x

Jineane AbuHijleh says:

the tap stayed on, ouch 🙁

janeen Hutchinson says:

Great video! Nice home!

sirenxo says:

Your video was calming. Thank you for sharing these tips and what products you use. You have a lovely home.

Sibylle White says:

You can replace your stainless steel sponge with a one made out of recycled copper.

Piggie Bonita says:

Yes this was very helpful. Can’t wait for my vaca to be over. I’m ready to go home and switch my products and clean.

Danielle Jordan says:

Immaculate, I absolutely love your video.

mommyfiercest says:

Great video. I don’t know why but Clean with me videos are my fave. Congrats on your pregnancy!!

anab ibrahim says:

Iam new to ur charnal is very helpful

Plamedie Bitane says:


xradelox says:

Great video! A few tips, though. You shouldn’t wash towels with sheets. Also, dryer balls are great but stay away from the wool ones. Sheep go through hell everyday and are tormented in the wool industry. If you don’t know anything about that, you should look it up. Use the dryer balls you have already but if you ever need more, please get ones that aren’t wool 🙂

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