Cleaning Routine + My Favorite Cleaning Products!

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✭Swiffer Duster:
✭Method Wood for Good Daily Clean Spray:
✭Windex Original Glass Cleaner:
✭Method Antibac Spray in Wildflower:
✭Clorox Toilet Wand:
✭Method All Purpose Cleaner in Honeycrisp Apple:
✭Mrs. Meyers Baking Soda Cream Cleaner in Lemon Verbena:
✭Colorx Wipes:
✭Weimann Stainless Steel Wipes:
✭Swiffer Vac:
✭Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner:
✭Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry & Wet Mop:

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My Whole Lot of Love says:

love audible

Stacy Bowen says:

Is Bradley a ducks fan?? lol that’s awesome

Emily Bean says:

i live in western new york. so i wonder if my.local walmart sells.method products? is that where you get your or like right aide or cvs by chance i jist want the almond wood cleaner

Mima Flow says:

Try mrs meyers glass cleaner is natural and works very good

Katiexobeauty says:

The toilet cleanser is literally the best thing ever. My family always uses that. Cleaning is relaxing in a way. Like I just feel at ease when everything is all clean.

Polish N Glitter says:

I love your idea of setting the mood before cleaning! I’m going to try that out, I have tons of candles.

Does the salt lamp do something? Other than look pretty, lol.

Beka Garens says:

You and my mom are of the same brain with the cleaning, and I swear her cleaning so much, and making us kids keep everything super duper clean is one of the reasons that I hate it so much now as an adult. I HATE cleaning, so I honestly let it get way worse than it should be, and I get all overwhelmed and stuff. I need to clean OUT stuff, I have way too much stuff, and it clutters everywhere and everything and nothing has a place and I get all overwhelmed and sometimes honestly just sit and cry when I look at it. I’m not a hoarder or anything, it’s just really dusty, and there’s a lot of paperwork and stuff laying around in piles without a real home. It helps not that I have a ton of allergies and any dust kicked up just ends up making me wheeze in about thirty seconds flat. I use the swiffer dusters and love them, but even with those, it still kicks up so much dust. Our kitchen is super small, so that doesn’t help at all (I know you can relate!), and I have no storage space. I know it’d be easier to keep it clean if everything had a place, so that’s my life goal. That or hire a maid. hahaha. Good on you though for having a cleaning routine! 🙂

Leah Kimpel says:

What a great idea?! I love this video Amy! (I use an app called HabitRPG and it makes chores more fun. It is set up like a video game. Whenever you get something done you unlock little rewards for your character and if you don’t do the chores by the time you have selected then your character loses health. It’s not the fanciest app but it is motivating!)

Sarah Cox says:

Where did you get the Mr. Toad doll?

Punky Pie says:

Instead of using the Clorox wands or using your hand and a sponge, why not just get a regular toilet brush and a spray cleaner?

Angela Tekell says:

You should look into Norwex products I think you would really like them.

Tay Tejeda says:

Just found your channel. Just joined

Tabitha Blair says:

this video it awesome ! I find it very motivating and helpful when im about to clean my whole apartment. Thanks you !!!! PS. since watching this I have switched to method cleaners and they are amazing and so worth the extra dollar !

Simply Erin says:

I love your videos so much and these products will defiantly help my skin out ❤

MrsD says:

For windows and mirrors, all you need is a microfiber cloth and water. Squeeze it out really good and clean and then I wipe it dry and streak free with a dry microfiber cloth or a cotton terry kitchen towel like a bar mop towel.

Karen Carrington says:

Love this video!

Cheryl Poitra says:

Swifter everything is my best friend.. Lol. I also get sick using harsh products, I discovered Windex with vinegar, I use it on everything. Works great & no streaks.. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Philip Gipson says:

Fantastic, yo!

T Dub says:

I kind of enjoy cleaning too. You’e so right, using cleaning products that smell really good and streaming a podcast or Audible book to a bluetooth speaker makes the process much faster and more pleasant. TOTALLY agree about Windex, can’t stand streaks and vinegar water is too much elbow grease. It takes me over a year to go thru a bottle of glass cleaner, don’t feel guilty about it! I like Method products but I’ve become loyal to several Mrs Meyers products, they smell so good. Of course the handsoaps but I also love the concentrated Basil All Purpose cleaner, it lasts forever and there’s less to throw away when you reuse/refill the same spray bottles. i HIGHLY recommend the Swiffer duster with LONG extendable handle and the Swiffer Wet Jet mop. You can easily refill the bottle with your own cleaning product.

Zuzzette Loves You More says:

love love love your videos!!!!❤

Stacey Karen Pugh says:

Your skin is just beautiful!

Erin M says:

For windows and mirrors, we use just straight vinegar in a spray bottle. My grandma showed me the trick, and no streaks ever!

Nikki Rott says:

Wow, really gave me some nice ideas! Hopefully when I get my first place I’ll be as clean as you. Always happy to see your videos Amy!

Annie Pleinies says:

Loved this so much. I’m a cleaning freak too and this fed my addiction

cwhitworth82 says:

I have to clean before traveling too! I like to clean most of the time too. I have things I am not fond of though. I love Method products. Thanks for the free trial. The ones you mentioned sound interesting.

Lisa M says:

Windex is actually the best stainless steel cleaner I’ve found, on recommendation of Martha Stewart. Weird, but works! Streak-free.

SillyMando2008 says:

Some of my favorite items include the method daily shower spray, my steam mop that way I don’t have chemicals sitting on my floor. I also enjoy the method all purpose cleaner and the dusting one

mizformazing says:

I can’t stop looking at your makeup! Love it!

Karen Walker says:

Vinager and water also polishes stainless steel and sinks too! Good for the home!

Jessica Biggs says:

need to get those wipes might be easier then the spray we have also we use those clorox wipes too! but girl you got me motivated to clean lol

Kanelblomsten says:

I use Better Life glass cleaner, natural, no scent and works great:)

Karen Walker says:

Use soap and water it’s the best for windows or vinager and water. Both keep streak free and it is amazing for your health

Stacey Karen Pugh says:

Your skin is just beautiful!

Dija Kd says:


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