Common Good Cleaning Products Brand Review & Ingredient Breakdown

Common Good Cleaning products are advertised to be a green, eco-friendly line of cleaning products designed to be refilled and reduce the use of single-use plastics. I ordered some items directly from the Common Good Website and I wanted to tell you about my experience! I hope that this gives you an idea of how these products perform and why you should consider them! This video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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Moody Shyte says:

Products sound great, but I don’t think I’ve seen that brand here in Australia. This is probably a good thing because after watching your Laundress video I found some here. Oh my goodness – you’re right. Their signature detergent is gorgeous! I’ve decided to only use it when I hand wash, which doesn’t happen every day (yeah, I’m already trying to justify another bottle) LOL

Selenity13 says:

Would you be willing to do a Caldrea review?? I see videos of people highly praising the smell, but they typically don’t talk about how well it cleans. Also your hair always looks amazing! Do you have a hair routine video?

gtyhujii says:

Would like to see a hair routine

DioneN says:

I’ve tried various “natural” dish soaps (Saje wellness, Norwex, Mrs Meyers) and still go back to good old Dawn. It really is hard to find anything that works as well for me. I do love other general house cleaning products from those companies though.

Kittygirl C says:

Kay, you have a skill for doing really in-depth reviews! Thank you! Your reviews always make me want to purchase the items!!

a soto says:

I get tongue tied saying those long ingredients but you do it like nothing! Cool.

Rebecca Carlson says:

Great review. Very thorough. Thnx Kay! Natural & biodegradable products are super important to me too. I’ve got a dog & 2 cats. Most people don’t know that essential oils are very, very bad for cats to breathe in.
A steam cleaner by Pure enrichment is worth every penny and vinegar is so underrated!

Elisia JV says:

How was the Bergamot smell? I look this smell.

Nica Strong says:

Love your videos and I really enjoy your product reviews (though my favorites are your cleaning videos!). You are very information and detailed about the whole process from purchasing to customer service to delivery to actually using the product. I am actually considering purchasing some of those products as I am trying to reduce my footprint on the environment as well. Thank you!

Note: If you are ever in New York City, look me up. I would love to take you on a tour of my wonderful city! 🙂

patricia wolfe says:

linen water scented or not, is used to spray your linens as you iron. while at one time this spray was used on actual linen material that changed as the middle class began using the spray for cotton or cotton polyester. basically if an iron or mangle is used this spray is used. items are called flats, such as sheets, pillowcases, table cloths, doilies, dresser/buffet scarves, etc. using a fine spray spray bottle simply add water, preferably filtered or purchased water for use in irons, add a few drops of favorite essential oil and shake. double use? use as air freshener or spritz towels or bedding. you don’t need to add a preservative as this is meant to be used often. make several bottles w different scents and place in appropriate rooms for use. lemon/tangerine for kitchen or plumeria for bedroom and bathroom, lavender for guest bathroom, etc. since this spray does not contain alcohol it will not damage material or stain as the common use of cologne or perfume will.

Kim Ripley says:

Every time I watch you I can’t get over how much you resemble Maggie Pierce from Grey’s Anatomy!!!

Elisia JV says:

I mean love the smell of bergamot. EARL GREY TEA.

purplegrl 23 says:

I know I recommended Zum Clean before, but I found out that I’m actually allergic. Eep! I believe it’s due to the “fragrance” that is in the ingredients. I never usually buy things with “fragrance”. I let that one slip by me. 🙁

Brid Mcgrath says:

Thanks Kay!!!! I don’t think I need this info at the moment but I watched it cos at some point I think I will need it!!! I love ur vids and I’m looking forward to the next
one !!!!! Thank u and all the best ♡♡

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