I love cleaning! And I make sure all my cleaning products are Vegan of course. I get asked what I use all the time so In this video I’m sharing my favourite cleaning brand and the products.
I realise I pretty much only use one brand in my house but there are a lot more Cruelty Free and Vegan brands. You just have to look.

Thank you for watching!

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Vegan Ambition says:

i really need to check my cleaning products!

Holly says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s a little obsessed with cleaning products. :’)

Rebecca Cooper says:

I worry about the packaging so I bought a high end steam cleaner, does everything nearly except wash my clothes but it does have an iron

Kasia Pietka says:

this is amazing! you can buy Astonish cleaning products in any Poundshop 😀 such a big save and helping the environment <3

LondonCalling says:

im in Los Angeles and use for household products. I cannot stand the smell of chemical products and even bring my own to work to clean my desk.

ReviewDykeUSA says:

But I love 100% cruelty products tested on animals and small children.

ib_klarrissahill says:

I’m going cruelty free because of Monami

Sharley Ziehr says:

I’m Monica too lol


Let’s be vegan and get poisonous ink all over the body!
Please explain what kind of drugs you are on

Kindra Syring says:

Thank you soo much for this video! What brand do you use for napkins and paper towels? The kind I found at the store was real high priced, so I thought I’d compare and shop 🙂 thank you!

Alex Rud says:

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Tünde Győri says:

pls make clening routine video

Alan Calpe says:

Adidas kills cangoroos

Carol says:

Very helpful!!! Thanks Monami

South Side Vegan says:

Thank you for the informative video monami! I love it as me and my boyfriend are moving into our own flat this weekend and have no idea what cleaning products are vegan so this is really helpful! Also how did you stretch your medusa piercing? I’m on a 2mm now but I can’t find any in-between sizes and find it really really hard to get any other size in. Thank you! Xxx

TheNutCracker says:

astonish is super cheap too! way cheaper than bigger brands 🙂

current mood says:

I´d love to see a cleaning routine or something like that 🙂

Chaz Francis says:

What sun cream do you use to protect your tattoos from sun damage ?

Del Rey says:

i dont know why but this gives me asmr

Becky Jensen says:

You had me at Monica! You are perfection. ❤️

Vio Vio aus Rio says:

@Monami Frost which haircolour do you use? Love you <3

Glitch Bitch says:

I just recently went cruelty free with things I buy (makeup, cleaning stuff, etc) and this is helpful. Thanks.

BabyDevilFace says:

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ❤️ I really needed help with finding good vegan brand and I actually found an online shop selling astonish products in my country which is AMAZING! I’m going to order some of them right now! ❤️

Aine G says:

Method is also vegan and cruelty free, and Tesco has started to stock them, i recommend trying them out 🙂

Clairesmind says:

LOVE IT!!!!!


I’ve been freaking out trying to find vegan/cruelty free cleaning products lately and this video was so helpful – thank you!

Beth McCormick says:

Thanks so much for posting this. Would never have known this brand is vegan. My next purchases!

Alexandra Sloan says:

if you haven’t already, you should make a video on How to be Vegan on a Budget. 🙁

Del Rey says:

i love random hauls

Анна Шеметова says:

сними пожалуйста это видео на русском

Bridget Moran says:

Astonish is found at Chemist warehouse in Australia 🙂 $2-3

Veganeverydayy says:

Do you know if there is an all in one spray to clean kitchen and bathrooms so I dont need to buy all those cleaning products?? Love your videos and you seems so nice 🙂

Del Rey says:

my mom uses vinger and lemon and baking soda and natural stuff like dat

Anisia says:

All of my household and cleaning products i buy from Frosch! Have you tried it, Monami?
I use this german brand for many years and highly recommend it to everyone! It’s vegan, cheap enough and super ecological.
Kisses and hugs from Lithuania xx

Chloe Hale says:

Haven’t watched a video of yours in a while, but I’ve totally just noticed a change in your accent! I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t listened to you in a while though haha! You sound kind of American too! Xoxo

Carina Vicente says:

Love this video. This is a very important subject for me, would love to see more videos like: ocado haul, how to plan grocery shopping, etc. Do you use ecozone balls for washing your clothes? im in love with how efficient and eco friendly it is 🙂

Kristína Gálová says:

this is very interesting. Love u Monami!❤️

Miss54321GOOO says:

it’s a little bit annoying when people say “chemicals” when referring to harmful things, because literally everything is chemicals :s
say ‘harsh chemicals’ or ‘bad chemicals’ or something like that.
Helpful video though!

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