DIY Natural Cleaning Products – Minimal Waste [Minimalism Series]

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Today I’m sharing a few easy DIY cleaning products I’ve been using lately. I have more, so if you guys like this video I can upload another with extra recipes for bathroom products!
Minimalism series:

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Farhan Naeem says:

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Ellen Bourne says:

These look really good! I always make my own products. Although I would note to avoid using any essential oils on woods you might plan to stain or refurbish later in life. It can mess with the quality of your staining.

Gosia says:

Hi Rachel. I’m a graphic designer and I just want to tell you that your minimalist series is in my opinion the best, most soothing, most beautiful and most informative series I have found on youtube. I listen to it frequently while I am designing because it’s just so inspiring and helpful! And your accent is lovely to hear. Thank you so much for that. Please make more content, I’d love to hear/see more of his series. And yes – please share a video about DIY bathroom cleaning products, I’d love that as well! All the best from Warsaw/Poland.

TyLee96 says:

Video starts at 1:20
You’re welcome

mmisskriss says:

Oh cool, I have been doing essential oil DIY cleaners for a while but I just recently found my favorite oil again (misplaced it during our last move) and so I’ve been happily back to using more oil cleaners and deodorizers. My absolute fav is a Doterra Oil called Purify – I diffuse it with some water and use it as a diy ‘febreze” around the house and even on the rinse cycle of my laundry. I have 3 pets and we walk barefoot in the house so it’s reassuring that the floors have a gentle cleaner on them and on the sofa.

Serena Beatrice says:

if more people would think like you, the world would be a much better place.!!
Great Video; Thank you!!

Kimyi Vannak says:

What’s camera do you use to take videos?

meow meow says:

can you pls do some sort of gym series where you film either what you do or what someone could do at the gym? i can use the machines but im lost as to what when and how many of shit i should be doing.

Nail Art Channel says:

I really like your Minimalism Series!

Lori Bravo says:

How about a good disinfectant? With my animals, it’s essential for killing the 99.9% germs and bacteria. Thanks! ^..^

DollieBisou says:

Which essential oils do you use?

Meike Leilich says:

Hey Rachel!
I really love your videos especially the visuals and your editing! But what’s bothering me lately (it’s the only thing, actually because your channel is beautiful) is that the music or the sound effects are much louder than your voice. When I turn up the volume to hear what you’re saying, I jump when the music starts.
I’d really love it if you’d change something about it, have a great day, Rachel! ☀

salsa wirabuana says:

Really nice girl!

Ma Rie says:

this comes at a perfect time. I was really expecting new minimalist tips from you. thank you very much!

manea anne says:

The music in background while your talking is very distracting

Paulina Stanisz says:

your make up is beautiful here! so natural

petitsjoujoux says:

Great idea to make a DIY air freshener!

Whitney Knitter says:

You seem really anxious and rushed in the intro.

Dianne roy says:

Really into trying to make my own. Have you made kitchen/bathroom sprays

FantasyASMR says:

I am so here for your Aussie version of natural/simple cleaning products … rather than a whole bunch of castile soap recipes 😀 THANK YOU.

frunches says:

Rachel are you starting to go zero waste?

Hanna-Madeleine says:

Great tips that you are sharing!!

Ruby Roberts says:

These look awesome. Can you be more specific about the quantities though?

Arya M says:

is the surface spray one good for cleaning inside the refrigerator?

Invisable Soul says:

Please Keep in mind that Essential Oils are toxic to cats so if you have any maybe skip the oils

Nissa Flake says:

Have you found a good homemade cleaner recipe for non-hard surfaces? Like a sofa, rug, carpet, etc.?

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