DIY Non-toxic + Vegan Cleaning Supplies! (Budget Friendly)

Here are some Easy, Vegan, & Non-Toxic DIY Recipes for home cleaning products! Get 5% off of your iHerb order using code BOW1780 here:
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• Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap:
• Castille Soap:
• Baking Soda:
• Rosemary Essential Oil:
• Peppermint Essential Oil:
• Tea Tree Essential Oil:
• Glass Spray Bottles
• Foamable Soap Dispensers


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isabella christner says:

The “think dirty” app lets you scan your products and allows you to see how toxic they are!

Emily Hawthorne says:

That surface cleaner would work for your mirrors too!

Edit: I have shared this on ourlocal vegan group and to my facebook! I am defintiely switching to using this general cleaner for cleaning my rat cage!

M M says:

LOVE this video. Thank you so much for being awesome, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Amy Pimperton says:

Amazing! Thank you!

Brenna Thompson says:

Perfect timing! My roommate is pregnant and wants to replace our cleaning supplies with the cleanest/least toxic
ones available. We will definitely try these.

Iandude1000 says:

Sorry to ask but does Caitlin ever reply on her videos, i really think shes awesome thanks

Mai Nguyen says:

Some of the yoga studios I go to also make their own mat cleaner from vinegar and essential oils! It smells sooo good and I’m glad I can make something similar to clean the home.

Yesenia Arroyo says:

I love iHerb! It’s where I buy my daughter’s snacks not many dairy free options in cheese county USA.

Lina Johanna says:

Does anyone know a diy cleaning product for the toilet? Like…especially the inside?

Demetria Doty says:

This was a great video!! Thanks for all the work you do ☺️☺️ love your content!

Christina Marie says:

This is the perfect video for me! I’ve been meaning to look more into healthier cleaning products but haven’t had the chance, thanks so much for sharing caitlin 🙂

Maria Fernanda says:

I love Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap. Fun fact, it’s aromatherapeutic! (I’m someone who stress-cleans so that’s a nice little way to calm down)

Sarah Anderson says:

thanks for this! but can you do a video on shampoo, conditioner, body and face soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc?

Heather Rivera says:

One thing to keep in mind with vinegar is what it is derived from. Some people don’t care, but I personally won’t buy the popular cheap vinegar brands because they derive from petroleum or something like that. I forget exactly, its been a while since I did my research. So I try to get potato derived vinegar. Unfortunately they won’t say on the bottle so you gotta do the research before.

Courtney Wagasky says:

I just made the all purpose cleaner! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Thank you!

Backstageblues says:

Love your channel so much, I refresh and replay the ads. Would you ever do a video on kitchen stuff? I’m always looking for blender and food processor reviews.

Gail Michelle says:

Thank you!!!!

eb says:

the last DIY air freshener is genius! thanks!

Bunny Runner says:

I use method !

caramelushca says:

I think you have your cleaner and disinfectant mixed up. Soap cleans, while vinegar disinfects 🙂
P.S. you forgot to mention the dangers of inhaling toxic fumes from cleaning products, I think that’s even worse than touching the surfaces

Emma Beadle says:

Love the video! How often should I change/replenish the air freshener?

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