DIY Spring Cleaning Series | Natural Cleaning Supplies, Tips + More!

Spring has finally arrived and so has the dreadful Spring cleaning… Hopefully my DIY Spring Clean Series will help inspire you to clear out the clutter and grime and add some freshness into your home!


I made a “DIY Spring Clean Series” Playlist so you can find and watch all the videos:

Here’s are the products I mentioned:
-Pink rubber gloves (I got mine at Dollarama)
-White caddy:
-Casabella scrubby sponges:
-Method bathroom cleaner:
-Method all purpose cleaner:
-Method glass cleaner:
-Baking soda:
-Rubbing alcohol spray
-Enjo Cleaning:
-Aura Cacia lavender room spray:
-Scrubby sponge
-Method micro fiber clothes:
-Old tooth brushes: look in your bathroom 😉
-Coconut oil:
-Hydrogen peroxide spray bottle
-Dr.Bronners castile soap:
-Method wood for good polish:
-Method wood floor cleaner:








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Disclaimer: I am not a Nutritionist. All opinions expressed are my own personal thoughts and feelings of the products mentioned. Check with your doctor or health practitioner if you are uncertain about trying out any of the products mentioned in this video.

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It’s Mimi’s Spot says:

I love how organized everything look, great video as usual.

Denise Lopez ATC says:

How cool! Enjoyed your video. New sub here. Hey I saw a comment that you like fitness videos…would love for you to check out the channel I just started (subscribe if you like)! I’m an athletic trainer trying to “get back in shape” 🙂  Have a great day!

cupcakesandsprinkles says:

Love that orange method all-purpose cleaner! It’s great for counters and surfaces.

I love cleaning. I love the finished results. Only I have to do it often to make sure it doesn’t get too out of hand. I try to do a little something each day and I’m always thrilled with how my home looks and smells afterward. A clean home is so much more relaxing than a dirty one!

My kitchen is particularly important. I used to waste so much money going out to eat because my counters would have too much stuff on them, and rather than take the time to clean when I was totally STARVING, I’d just go for takeout. Now that I keep them clean at all times, I cook a lot more and have way more fun doing it. Plus, I save money! 🙂

YA BookwormBlogger says:

This was such a useful video– I’ve been getting the urge to get some spring cleaning done and will definitely try using some of the products you mentioned! I’ve loved the Method line for a few years now…it works great! ^.^

Matthew Varga says:

Looking forward to the rest of the series

apurva hegde says:

You can SEE the peroxide killing bacteria? Man, you’re bacteria must be HUGE. LOL.

Birdie says:

I definitely prefer making my own products from scratch but I LOVE your caddy for all your products. How cute.

Camille Nueva says:

Thanks this helped me a lot!

Laura Biscaro says:

I really need to get myself some gloves like those, my hands always get dry and horrible everytime I wash my bathroom… :s

Nicole Gore says:

Loving all the suggestions!

Jenna Lewis says:

Have you tried Honest Company products?

I love them so much and have had wonderful luck with both the cleaning products and the items for body. They don’t irritate my sensitive skin at all.

Elizabeth Medina says:

Why do we spring clean ?

dailymonica oliveira says:

Hello Loved your DIY, also did a DIY,if you have a little time go and to my channel to watch.
Please subscribe my channel thank you ***** 🙂

vanewpc says:

I am so addicted to method all purpose grapefruit it really works on even tough jobs and makes my house smell super yummy. I actually have a few smaller cleaning kits so I can just take the basket I need to the room I am currently cleaning. I am working on making my cleaning kit completely natural because towards the end of last year i had a crazy allergic reaction outbreak and the dr thinks it was from bleach fumes 

Elizabeth Hutton says:

Make your own, there are lots of great vids on you tube. Method is over rated and you can make your own for pennies.

Healthandbeautygirl says:

Great tips! I make all my own cleaners from makeup brush cleaners, to shower sprays etc. For my general cleaning I just mix vinegar and water, saves me so much money and it’s cruelty-free and healthier for us!  

Love to see your DIY videos. 🙂

Username says:

Please make a video on how to clean blinds. I searched other YouTube videos but every time I try their methods myself it’s a hot mess.

shalom4714 says:

Best video ever!!

Matthew Varga says:

Oh Great Video!  Loving the cleaning kit,  This will deffinately help me out for my long overdue spring cleaning.  Thanks 🙂

Amber Greer says:

where can method products be purchased at?

CGM8679 says:

Old toothbrushes are a must! Looking forward to your DIY cleaners.

thachampchellz says:

Can you tell me where in Toronto sells Dr. Bronners please

maryamheartsbeauty90 says:

Are you Canadian . Your accent kind of sounds like it . ❤️❤️

HeyShae says:

Love the idea of a caddy! I’ll have to put one together

NibletblogTV says:

Great video! I love cleaning using natural products. I love a fresh house that smells nice (and non-toxic!). I’m doing a vid on one of my favorite brands soon, too 🙂 

Amy Jacobson says:

I love Method!!  Looking forward to this weeks videos.

Camille Nueva says:

What song is that?

RenttoOwnEdmonton says:

Oh awesome video,  picked up a few useful tips for my upcoming spring cleaning session

sukieb says:

So happy I saw this video today! I went to Shopper’s and all their Bio-Life products were on sale so I bought a few to try them out. That glass cleaner smells so good!

productjunkie8 says:

Oh, p.s. have you heard of Norwex? It’s an amazing natural alternative to cleaning. Google or youtube it to see how it works, it is kind of expensive at first but it’s way cheaper in the long run and it works great!

Allison Dyann says:

Love your videos!!!

Heidi K says:

I use method my dr wanted me to start using it when I had 4 stage cervical cancer last year.Love your cleAning caddy great products u are using. says:

Method is the way to go! For hardwood I was told that using hard wood cleaners leave them streaky so I just use mild dish soap and water to polish them up. Hello from YYC!

Andrea Patane says:

I do some spring cleaning once in a while. It’s not easy, because I have trouble cleaning behind furniture and around it with vacuum cleaners like Shark Rocket and Dyson DC24.

productjunkie8 says:

Oh, thank God you made this! I’ve been trying to switch over to all natural cleaners for awhile and I even bought some but like you said, they are more expensive and it turns out that they aren’t as natural as they say they are. I’m doing this, thanks!

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