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Cleaning products from the Dollar Tree!
Sorry about Watch Me Clean Wednesday this week guys! I love you mucho!! Next week is already filmed and ready to go so do not worry!

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the donia daily vlogs says:

I have yet to try it , but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the totally awesome! Especially for carpet stains! Can’t wait to try it out

Jamie Rush says:

You can also use Dawn to wash your dog. It helps get rid of fleas.

Katie Sottile says:

LOL! “don’t be licking your butt on camera” hahahaha

Carolyn Maves says:

Love DT hauls, thanks.

Ara Perez says:

Just wondering how you liked the electronic wipes?

Katelyn Bendinsky says:

I have that oven mit and for as cheap and boring as it looks, I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it’s only now starting to need replacement.

Anna Stcyr says:

You can use the scrub brush for cleaning the toilet you just put the white vinegar in it and some water then you just scrub the toilets and it’s a good disinfectant or you could use it as a carpet cleaner you put your carpet cleaner right in there and then you just scrub the stain or also I have use mine in my laundry room I fill it with my favorite laundry stain remover and scrub the stain.

Linda says:

Dawn kills bedbugs and roaches too. Just get a small spray bottle and pour in the dawn, spray in cracks and anywhere roaches or bedbugs are seen and go take a look the next day. If you have bedbugs you will find dead ones in the area you sprayed and if you have roaches you will find trails to follow and find them dead. The soap will stick to the bugs and then they can’t move. I use it to keep bugs from coming through the screens on the windows and door and around the bottom of the door where ants try to crawl in. It kills and keeps bugs away for the most part. I still get a stray fly or two, but I don’t see much of anything else.

Kathleen Howell says:

I use chalk for grease and oil stains

Debra Robertson says:

Hi Jessica, hope you are doing well today.

Rebecca Reeves says:

You are so great ty for responding so fast. I will go look for one of those.

Diana Reyes says:

I just learn something new from the dish brush thanks Jessica. BTW I was waiting for your Wednesdays cleaning videos…. love your cleaning videos!!

Iheart2cook says:

I love how Tucker wants to be in every video. He must love you because he always wants to be where you are. I love the DT and have tried many of the products you bought. I don’t like their dish gloves, however. Mine always get a hole right away. TFS!!

angelagaby1 says:

The works tub cleaner from dollar tree- is hands down better than anything I’ve ever tried!!

caziontherise says:

Take the extras back honey. New subbie by the way.

The Jackson Hive says:

so jealous! I wish I had a good dollar tree by me, mine is pathetic! lol if you saw it you would be like oh….

Christine Kroll says:

i love the dusters from the dollar tree, i use them all the time, but mine dont lock..

Laura Patton says:

i have quite a few of the products you hauled! They do work really well! A friend of mine uses the Awesome spray in her laundry, specifically towels and dish cloths..she puts a couple tablespoons in the wash and she says it keeps her towels from getting that musty funky smell..thought I’d share- im gonna try it out this week and see..i love your videos btw! Have a great day 🙂

MrzHopkins25 says:

Between you, Myka Stauffer, and Erica Lee I’ve somehow turned cleaning into a relaxing hobby.

lindseys lifeNstyle says:

I love Katie too! Now I want to go to the dollar tree but we are moving I really shouldn’t buy anything right now.. loll thanks for sharing those dawn tips!

ABI B says:

My family uses the awesome stuff for our camper awning

lisa cabrera says:


Rhonda IfYouDoStuffStuffGetsDone says:

Wow, that Awesome would be way cheaper than then carpet machine solution. It’s $10! Thanks, I’ll try it

Sabrina Kinnick says:

The Awesome cleaner is amazing. My daughter spilled nail polish on the carpet in our apartment and it took it all out. It was red nail polish too. It’s really good for a degreaser too. I don’t use it very much because it’s kinda harsh on my lungs.

lauren bryant says:

I love using that Awesome cleaner in my bathrooms!

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