Earth Friendly, Plant-Based and Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

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Whitney Lauritsen of Eco-Vegan Gal reviews the 6 home cleaning products in the Safeguard Your Home Kit:
– Wave Machine Dishwash
– Window Cleaner
– Eco Breeze
– Dishmate Pear
– Ecos Laundry Detergent
– Parsley Plus All Purpose Cleaner

Disclosure: this video and giveaway is sponsored by Earth Friendly Products, however my opinion is my own and was not swayed by the compensation. I only work with companies I love, trust and believe in!


Angela Walker says:

This is so cool. I just left the grocery store where I traded my used shopping bags for a reusable “Earth Day” shopping bag. Yay! I’ve “greened” my dish and laundry detergents and for household cleaning I intended to make my own because it’s hard to really know what to buy and who’s brand to try. Thanks.

Veggietorials says:

I use that Parsley Plus cleaner everywhere and it smells awesome!

Trish Eilers says:

I use all the Amway cleaners. They have been green since 1959, before it was popular to be green. I won’t use anything else in my home. Amazing company…better than anything out there.

Frank Howard says:

Their products are fantastic! I been using the detergent which is way cheaper if bought at Walmart! Also their dish soap and all purpose cleaner which I found cheapest at Vitacost! EcoVeganGal I hope you can make a beauty/hair video soon. I wanna know what shampoo/conditioner and other goodies you use 🙂

Jackie Long says:

I am excited to try to products. I have really bad allergies plus little ones so I am glad to find something safer to you.

Ashley Friedland says:

You should absolutely try Eco-Me!! I’m scared in the same way that you are and it’s been great for me! Definitely my favorite!

Lauren Stanley says:

I’m glad I stumbled on this video! I’m moving into a new apartment today and I wanted to use all natural and chemical free cleaning products and was at a complete loss! Thank you!

BlackHaute says:

Do you shop at Vitacost because they have a lot of eco-friendly and vegan cleaning products as well.

nanamommy4life says:

Ewg is a great we’d site to find safe products they are all graded from a-f

Brandon Christopher SB says:

…Can I drink this??

Marie Feather says:

I really like this I have allergies and was looking for something safe for my pet cat and I thanks for the tip!

TheVegan andAnimalActivist says:

Hii! Do you know a store that sells Organic clothing? Is there a store that sells all Organic clothing and shoewear?

chiyerano says:

Out of all the things you mentioned commonly found in non-eco-friendly products, I still use bleach but fairly sparingly.

Efthimia18 says:

I live in Belgium, and unfortunately these products aren’t available here. I do use Ecover, which I think is also very good, earthfriendly, and biodegradable.

jess slegr says:

I use ECOVER and I love it, works gr8.

Elena Vegana says:

I use Ecos!!! And i buy some of the Target brands that say they are earth friendly! This morning i dusted with olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice for the first time. i’m very pleased!! 🙂

Natural Lifestyle Show says:

Good video. 🙂 I have used a few of these products. We prefer to make our own but these are really good alternatives to toxic products.

Millie Brown says:

I love love love Earth Friendly products. I know that they are a company I can trust when it comes to being safe to use. I did not know that they were a family owned company or that they used solar energy to power their facility, those are great things to know.

Bo Ran S. says:

If we only use water to clean and wipe our ass when we poop, we never have to make
toilet paper again. This is the best way. Save so much money and trees. Also
women should stop wearing make up. Beauty is not in the make up, it’s in the making.

kt58rd says:

Try saving orange peels (freeze them until you have enough), then put them in a large glass jar and cover them with white vinegar. Let it sit for about a week, then drain off the liquid. You can put it in a spray bottle, diluted 50/50 with water. It cleans very well, especially the tops of stoves and grimy bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Lord Angus says:

Have you heard of the 80/10/10 diet?

EcoCleaningBlog says:

check out EcoCleaningBlog on YouTube and Facebook for top eco cleaning hits and tips

Bri Gardiner says:

I absolutely love these products. Tried most of the ones you’ve mentioned.

CurlyGurl says:

I use the laundry detergent and love it! My Walmart can’t keep it in stock! I’m dying to try the rest of the products but haven’t seen them in stores. I need to look harder for them. I might by this kit online when I use up the rest of my horrible chemical products 🙁 I’m trying my best to go natural and cruelty free with everything now.

Eco-Vegan Gal says:

doesn’t it?! I’m kinda obsessed with the smell… I’m not surprised that you love it too – we have practically the same taste! <3

Wendy BeachMom says:

awesome! Will u put me in for your next giveaway 🙂

Cindy Kistner says:

I have never tried your products. But I would love to try them!! I didnt realise all the bad chemicals that were in my everyday cleaning products! Thank You for Introducing these products to me!! :))

Eco-Vegan Gal says:

you’re welcome! They have some great products for companion animals – let me know when you try them!

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