Hi friends! I wanted to share some of my favorite cleaning products! I’m going to do a clean with me video soon! 😀
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Cleaning products I mentioned:
Dawn dish soap
Cascade Platinum dishwasher pods
Lysol laundry sanitizer
Orange Glo wood polish
Black Diamond carpet spot remover
Thanks Jeannie for telling me about it! 😀 https://www.youtube.com/user/alittleaboutalot/featured
Better Life Whatever spray
Mrs.Meyers Geranium room freshener spray
Dollar Tree magic eraser
Zero Odor pet

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Amanda W. says:

Cats are stinky. I may try that Zero spray.

Nody Alshehri says:

I love ❤️ this video I learn alot of things thank you for share with us

Ruthie says:

White vinegar will keep towels smelling fresh!! Put in the softener section and add some essential oils if you wish!

cretnotonic says:

btw, you say you have cats, are these cleaners ok to use around them?

Skirmante Krikstanyte says:

I loooove bar keepers friend for pots pans, showers (hard water stains), and stainless steel. Literally the best of the best of the best.

Liahleituala says:

Love this video!

cretnotonic says:

when you said you saw an old old youtube video about cleaning makeup brushes, I immediately thought of Michelle Phan too! What a legend she is to the makeup world!! LOL

The Buchanan Family says:

I love a good cleaning video!! I use hardly any cleaning stuff as make a lot of my own lol

Liahleituala says:

Can you do your favorite Laundry products as well? lol i would love it !!

Claudette Hines says:

Hi… Yes this cleaning product video was very important and interesting!!

Miss Bailey says:

I’ve only tried two scents from mrs Meyers but the yellow honeysuckle is my favorite scent so far

Ludis Fuentes says:

Can u do a video on how to remove stain from your bed mattress

Amanda W. says:

The Lysol toilet bowl cleaner 10x the power(I think that’s what it’s called) works really well in getting the toilets clean and the ring that sometimes happens goes away so quick with that stuff. I was surprised by it. It’s good stuff.

Torleda Matthews says:

Clorox Bleach…loved this video April

pretty girl on youtube says:

Where do u store ur cleaning products

heavenly8173 says:

Thanks for sharing with us and I do love dawn and anything Lysol be blessed!!!

Miss Bailey says:

Thank you for making this video. Growing up, my only chores were to put laundry and dishes away, so I didn’t really learn how to clean. Then as an adult, my roommates took over cleaning every week but when they moved out, things got kinda nasty and my current roommate situation seems lazy and stubborn about cleaning lol I want to get this place nice again because it is a nice condo, we just need to maintain it

Ramona says:

Cascade Platinum is the best. We have tried almost all dishwasher detergents out there and we always go back to the Cascade. You don’t save time or money if you end up having to rewash things.

Erica doko says:

I love ur voice !! And even watching u showing ur favourite cleaning products makes me happy hahha I don’t even have a big house to clean. Well never hurt to know more what works 🙂

I am wondering if u would consider doing videos of reading a kids story book.becsue I am baby sitting for my friend sometimes but I am so bad at reading storybook . ;( I know ur channel is mainly for beauty and life style. But maybe u will consider adding the book reading /review section in ur other channel?!
Anyway thanks for the video 🙂 I am excited watching ur other videos now hahaha

Taylor Lynne says:

New subscriber and loving your videos so far! Binge watching right now lol

tony j says:

My dimble is back

Karen Newton says:

I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been mentioned. If you have a male cat that is urinating everywhere it could be that he is not neutered. I had the same problem but just got my cat neutered this week. It solved the problem right away.

Miss Bailey says:

Out of all the natural hand soaps I’ve used, I think Mrs. Meyers does the best for getting whatever’s on your hands OFF your hands lol I do my makeup in our downstairs bathroom and wash my hands in the sink when I get primer, concealer, foundation or whatever and mrs Meyers gets it off fastest without really drying out my hands

mariangel giler says:

Great video… as a mom you know about stain clothing… what detergent do you use where you babies has very bad stained clothes that aren’t white?

Kim, Lip Addict MUA says:

April, I don’t even watch these type of videos but I click on them for you & give a thumbs up to support your channel! 🙂

Eliya Lo says:

I love using Dawn soap and Mrs. Meyer products! I’m really into all kind of Mrs. Meyer products and so far one of my favorite surface spray is the Honey suckler. But I’m so glad you mention about the zreo pet oder spray ! I have been looking for a spray for bad oder and I’m super excited to try that out ! Thanks and love you so much April !

Miss Bailey says:

Hair goals

Tori Shuler says:

I love how diverse your channel has become! I’m interested in every video and love everything you recommend (beauty, cleaning, clothing, etc)!

Kim Jamieson says:

Found you through Myka’s page . Love your content. Can’t wait to catch up on your videos.

sweet bacioni says:

L.A Awesome from Dollar Tree is awesome for degreasing but it does have a very strong smell still worth it if the kids are out of the house

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