Gypsy Housewife Clean With Me | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Time for another Gypsy Housewife CLEANING ROUTINE video yall! In this video im going to be trying out some of the products i got from GROVE COLLABORATIVE!! All of the products i used in this video are from Grove Collaborative! So dont froget to watch my HAUL video and sign up to get some free cleaning products!! I actually loved every product that i got. Every product i’ve used so far. They are work so good, and they smell AMAZING. I cant get enough of the smells! Non Toxic, Safe for pets/kids/you! All natural too! OMG, I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION, I LOVED THE METHOD WIPES!!!! WOW!!! Those are awesome!!!

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Suzanne Destinee says:

Love your videos. Was wondering if you or your family speaks Romani. I’m very interested in the culture. In Paris, people refer to gypsies as people who do elaborate schemes to steal from tourists. I was warned about the ‘gypsies’ many times. I noticed it has a negative connotation there. I think people probably get the wrong idea about gypsies often. Would be great to get your take on what it means to be a gypsy. I love your videos either way.

Rachel S. White says:

I hire maids and you put them to shame in thoroughness.

sanja cavlovic says:

Thank you so much for that advice.

living with cambriea says:

I never thought about using fabric softener as a set booster on my furniture that’s such a great idea

LadyLuckTutorials says:

Hey Yall! Make sure your following me on instagram! I would be so grateful! Head on over to and hit that follow button! Thank you <3 Yall are the best! xoxo

AshleighEllena says:

I love your butter dish and utensil crock set!!! Where did you get it?!!

Kuini Queenz says:

Yessss I love your honest reviews queen no beating around the Bush here just straight up honesty 🙂

Amber Starr Banks says:

I missed this notification somehow, just watching now. I love when you go over products. Yayyy

Julie Baumgartner says:

You made me get moving cleaning harder using spray bottles full of stuff you use !

Reb b says:

Sense you use Grove can you try and review there concentrated cleaners I ask because yes the glass bottles are pretty and I love how little plastic you use with them but they are more expensive and if the cleaning power isn’t there than might as well just get method brand

Erlys S says:

You are so motivating! I love watching your videos while doing my dishes 🙂

Frosted Pumpkiin says:

Really enjoyed this as always. Thank you xo

Delores Gates says:

I signed up!

Cannabis ASMR says:

I think if you started doing asmr your channel will grow exponentially! Your voice is beautiful (speaking and singing) just think about it 🙂 makeup asmr from you would be the bomb

The Drunken Farmer of Damnifiknow Farms says:

Oh thank goodness! I need this motivation today <3

AreS says:

kafasını yala aşkım

Annamaya says:

Hey girl, if you want to clear your fridge/rest of stainless steel things, just buy some furniture oil – clean it first with anything , then put on the fridge a really thin layer of oil and wipe it out. All of those fingerprints/smudges will go away.

Natalie Johansson says:

Just ordered my products from Grove. Thank you!!

Hayley Swearingen says:

your cleaning videos give me motivation for sure… thanks for sharing. I’ve been on the fence about ordering cleaning products but I think I might do it! I bet your landlord loves you, your apartment will look brand new still when you guys move, well if you move. .. thanks again awesome job!

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