How I Save Money on ALL NATURAL Cleaning Products + an EXCLUSIVE DEAL! (Feat. Grove Collaborative)

Today I wanted to show you how I save money on all natural cleaning products from Grove Collaborative! When it comes to all natural, non toxic, green cleaning products, they’re the cheapest place to purchase cleaning products–plus they offer FREEBIES all of the time. There’s even an EXCLUSIVE DEAL for you guys in today’s video! 🎉YAY!! It’s where I have been purchasing my cleaning products from for the last year! And they are my favorite products when cleaning my kitchen.

My personal cleaning favorites are Mrs. Meyers & Caldrea. But you’ll find great prices on brands like Seventh Generation & Method too!

🌟If you HAVE NEVER purchased from Grove Collaborative before, head here for the crazy exclusive deal:

🌟If you HAVE ordered from Grove Collaborative before, head here for your freebie:

💥Just so you guys know, Grove did send me these Apple Spice products for free so I could show you guys what was included in our exclusive deal. But I do order and buy my own cleaning products from Grove regularly–just so you know! Definitely a favorite of mine!


2 Lucky Followers will win a Bouquet of Flowers from Farmgirl Flowers–courtesy of Grove Collaborative! (They’re gorgeous, BTW!)

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Wendy Davis says:

My favorite cleaner is baking soda and vinegar. I haven’t tried Myers yet so maybe that might be my new go to.

Jamie Gadd says:

I don’t really have a favorite but I would love to try Mra. Meyer’s dish soap. We don’t have a dishwasher and I handwash all of my dishes. So this would be awesome to try!

Lili A says:

I would love to try the Meyers stuff always See it when I shop at target but never try it .also my go to for mybstainless steel pots is bar keepers friend

mommyinontario says:

Too bad they dont ship to Canada 🙁 put an order in thru the link without checking then at checkout I noticed. Booo

olga ristani says:


keciatopo says:

Just placed my first order!!!!

Courtney Brooks says:


Cassie House-Harris says:

Norwex is my all time favorite with their cleaning paste.

Smith-Woodworth Yoninah says:

i like them all

Amy Spicer says:

I use Mrs Myers but I get it at Target. Definitely going to try Grove now

Tammy Schiff says:

I like Mrs Meyers cleaning products. I usually pick them up at my local grocery store or Target. But it looks like the Grove Collaborative has some really good prices. Need to check them out!

Brittney Hooiman says:

I would love to try the apple or pumpkin spice hand soaps!!

Heidi S says:

I love Mrs. Myers dish soap. It smells so good.

Cheryl Bigbie-Schaffner says:

I love Seventh Generation cleaning products!

Mary-Elizabeth Jimenez says:

We love the moonlight breeze scented gain flings

Courtney Brooks says:

I love Meyers!!!!

Jessica Ludlow says:

I’d love to try the fall scented dish soap! Thanks Melea!

Olivia Hodgson says:

I don’t really have a favorite household cleaner but would love to try the peppermint one.

Kathy Johnson says:

Absolutely love grove and Mrz. Myerz products! Pluz the Method wood for good almond scented floor cleaner is FANTASTIC !!!

Random & Simple Life says:

Favorite cleaner is lime and sea salt spray from Method. Only because it is basic and I can use it on many things. However, I use other products for other areas/situations/etc.

Erin H says:

Can’t wait to try these out!

Lyndsay Thomas says:

I love Grove! I started buying the last time you posted a video and I’m obsessed!

Cattana A says:

I’ve wanted to try these products, what a great time to do so!

hooseywhatsit says:

Hey Melea thanks for posting this. Myers is a good natural product.

Amanda S says:

Ahhh! I already got the deal!

Tammy Schiff says:

I like Mrs Meyers cleaning products. I usually pick them up at my local grocery store or Target. But it looks like the Grove Collaborative has some really good prices. Need to check them out!

Megan Jacobson says:

I love a good all purpose cleaning spray with a fresh clean scent because it keeps things sanitary and smelling nice.

Luna Nat says:

Countertop spray because I have a messy family!

Zombiez Rule says:

I just bought 20$ worth and got the free stuff!!!!:D im soooo excited to try this thank youuu

Carmen Hughes says:

Mr clean magic erasers. Seriously they take care of just about anything.

Mandy Tichit says:

Awww!! I checked this out super excited…
Then BOOM …. not in Canada boo

Luna Nat says:

Love it!

Sandi Tollette says:

U wont believe what Grove Col. did to me !  I had put the fall scented cleaning products ( apple cider & mums ) into my cart for my next shipment & Grove Col. sends me an email saying my cart needed some love & claimed I didn’t order at least 10.00 dollars worth ….  that was a LIE !  I had over the amount they wanted …… so I went to check my cart & seen that they had took out all of the fall scented products I had in my cart !!!!!!   That is CROOKED for them to steal products out of our carts & sell out to others, because now I didn’t see anymore fall scented cleaning products I had wanted :'(

Melissa H. says:

My current favorite cleaner is vinegar! I use it on mirrors, windows, and chrome like faucets. It works wonders!

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