Method Cleaning Products Review


Donna Cowan says:

Helen I don’t know if you have a Dunelm shop near you, their normally in the big retail parks, but they do the Method range next to their tills I saw it the other day when I was in xx

optimisticrealism x says:

You make me laugh-it smells like Grapefruit..thats because it IS grapefruit fragranced lol..good you did a review-I like these products but I wonder if it cleans as well as the more harsher stuff.

palpak06 says:

How do you use the wood floor cleaner ? Do you squirt the wipe it with a damp or dry cloth ?

Fiona Masson says:

Thanks for this as been interested in this range for a while.

katie elton says:

thank you for your feedback x

Maddie 04 says:

Hi Helen saw the method stuff in Waitrose today. I would not normally shop in Waitrose but I needed a few things whilst in town and Waitrose was near the bus stop. I got the method foaming moisturising hand wash. Not the best smell it has green tea and aloe in it.
However it’s such fun getting a handful of foam instead of just soap.
My sons like the smell cos it doesn’t smell floral.
I intend to recycle the bottle by filling it with my own budget hand wash hoping it will foam up. I love the shape of the bottles.

Zoe Lianne says:

I use their anti bac spray and really like it. Im like you, love the packaging ☺

Cody Lim says:

Im in Singapore and i use method products and i have purchased both the US and UK version locally, its the same thing but named differently, the daily kitchen cleaner is the uk version of all purpose spray from the us. Both are clementine scented and works the same. The wood floor cleaner in uk is called squirt and mop in us.

You simply squirt it on a wooden varnished floor and mop it up in with a wet mop. The uk version dont have the full ingredients listed and instructions are sometimes vague. And i noticed the uk version are slightly pricier than the us counterpart.

I bought the bathroom cleaner the first time and i thought i bought 2 different bottles until i noticed one is from us and one from uk, used them both and they smell the same. Both cleaned up the soap scums equally well. Uk one was just called bathroom cleaner, but the us version includes “tub and tile cleaner” on the label.

mdeporres19 says:

Hi Helen,  Hope you are well.  I luv the Method products as well.  I make the majority of my cleaning products; however, I still purchase the Method bathroom cleaner is the eucalyptus mint fragrance.  I think I am addicted to this fragrance!!  What I wanted to tell you is that the Method spray bottles are wonderful to up cycle and reuse for your own homemade cleaners!  Take care.  ~Kendra

Leah Xx says:

1st comment yesssssss

alison tarr says:

They have a list of ingredients in the side of the bottle but due to the bottle being clear it is abit difficult to see and I have found the same with wooden counter tops they have new rang now I just brought the bathroom and kitchen and love the sent

Eileen Walsh says:

I’m using it for the first time I’m not sure what everyday cleaner can do is glass tv kitchen

Livi Loo says:

the method product that i love is the glass and surface cleaner

luv4all says:

Thanks for making a review on these products. I absolutely love the Method squirt and mop. It doesn’t leave streaks at all on my floors and it dries fast. The sprays are good for cleaning counters.

Robert Connolly says:

I’ve used some of the all purpose sprays in my kitchen and also on my garden patio furniture, I like it I do but never pay full price as always on sale for £2 or less in Sainsburys! I’d love to try the polish, but I haven’t found it anywhere yet. I’ve just bought a washing up liquid but not tried that yet (currently using a Tesco one, the seasonal scent thick is currently rhubarb and rose fragrance. I’m finding it really nice and it’s only about 45p, I used to be a fairy liquid or nothing person, but now I find myself using shops own (usually Morrisons which is 2 for £1, or the Aldi ones that are 49p, I actually prefer these to fairy as I found that dried out my hands a lot! We do have a dishwasher but it’s surprising how many things can’t go in or don’t fit!

Marie Ince says:

the wood floor cleaner is fab on untreated wood I diluted mine it works a treat the hand soap not go my hands are very dry after the washing up liquid is OK if you use gloves thanks for your feedback

David Brogan says:

How do you know the daily shower cleaner is non-toxic? To me is has a strong chemical smell.

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