I’ve decided to make the switch over to natural based products from chemical based ones starting with cleaning products!

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Hi, my name’s Jess and I’m a parenting and lifestyle blogger and vlogger. I’m a totally outnumber boy mum; step muma to Rhys who is 3 and muma to Jasper aged 2 and Jenson who was born in August 2016.
I document the highs and lows of modern motherhood and it is my mission to be completely honest and open as I share my journey.

After a tough 2016 I’ve had a real lifestyle change and plan to share with you all a whole lot of positivity, minimalism and motivation!








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Bridgett Odom says:

Mrs Meyers has room fresher sprays in a variety of scents.

LoveoftheLittleThings says:

Great video! Hydrogen peroxide is wonderful for really germy surfaces. I use it all over my toilet, in my tub, sinks and counter tops after preparing raw meat. You should look into Dr. Bronners Castile soap and make it your new best friend! There are many different scents and uses for it. I really love to wash my hardwood floors with it and always receive compliments on how shiny they are. It suds up really well so it’s great to use as a body wash and is wonderful as an all purpose spray for all surfaces when diluted in a spray bottle. My favorites are the almond (for the body) and citrus (for cleaning) scents, but there are many more. I also really love their bar soaps. I dilute vinegar and water 1:1 in a spray bottle and use it as an all purpose spray and glass cleaner. I also dilute some in a bucket of water with a bit of dish soap to wash all other floors (not my hardwood). One tip that I have is to familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot mix together when making your own natural cleaning products. I didn’t know of the (only a few) rules when I started and then I got really discouraged when I realized I was making mistakes that I didn’t even know about. It’s just simple stuff though- like mixing vinegar and Castile soap or mixing vinegar and baking soda. You don’t want to do that because one is an acid and one is a base so they cancel themselves out. They’re not dangerous by any means, but you won’t be getting any real cleaning done. They do work great together when you need the reaction to unclog a drain or something, though. Tarawhitetalks has a really great, simple and to the point video of what she uses and some of the rules of making your own products (it’s her more recent cleaning video). Also, you can find a good little chart on Pinterest, too. It can be overwhelming if you dive straight into it, but once you get going it’s really simple and quite fun! Good luck!

HG77 says:

Loved this! I think everyone should have a supply of Bicarb! I call it magic powder 🙂 Amazon sell bicarb in kg sizes 🙂

thegirlinspired says:

I’ve been slowly starting to switch over to natural products too. Think laundry products will be the next to switch over. Loved seeing what you use around the house xx

Marcia Bruderlin says:

I love method products but I’ve just found a new brand called Organic Choice which is made in Australia and I think it smells and works better than the method products. They make multi purpose spray which is food surface friendly and safe on granite, stone and marble, a bathroom cleaner spray, dishwashing liquid, air freshener and candles.They use organic essential oils and have no animal testing, no sles or sls, no palm oil, no benzalkonium chloride, preservative free and naturally antibacterial. Not sure if they are available in the UK yet but you should give them a try if you are able to get them. xx

Amie Wilson says:

Everything is a chemical even water, lemon juice and salt. You mean man made products.

Sara Buch says:

White Vinegar and Baking Soda Castile Soap and a Lemon, in the laundry or as a cleaner. You can google or You Tube videos. Buy those products in bulk and make your own!

Kate Parker says:

I use ecover washing up liquid as s stain remover – just rub it into the strain and rinse – I find it gets most things out! Also white vinegar and salt down drains/toilets. Leave to work and rinse with boiling water.

Shannon Loughrey says:

i use lavender mist spray from holland and barrett, it’s supposed to be for your pillow at night to help you sleep but its 100% natural so i just spray it all over the house!x

Lorna Wilson says:

I use fabric conditioner with cooled boiled water as a fabric spray! In my opinion that’s what febreeze is! 🙂

Rebecca Fairweather says:

Lovely video. Thank you. I use these products too after having cancer myself and now having two little boys. I was beyond excited when I made the switch! Ecover do a good limescale remover too, if you need that. I tend to use just water, or vinegar and water for cleaning most of my house with the e cloths. If you’re going to use essential oils in solutions it is best to use a glass bottle though. Thanks again x

Mother Muse says:

Also, is it wrong to love the smell of a toilet cleaner this much?! Seriously. Now i want to clean my bathroom more. The spearmint method toulet cleanser. What’s that about.

Lucy Howe says:

Ive been thinking about going chemical free for a while, I use a lot of method products already but I’m addicted to my detox aresol, and Lenor unstoppables. I’m not sure I could go chemical free in the toilets though, I tried the method toilet cleaner but really didn’t like it. How do you find it?

Eleonoora _ says:

I also use the same products! I love them. Only flaw is that one bottle of Method is like 6 dollars here 🙁

Mother Muse says:

We have used ecover products for ages, as well as 7th generation, cleanwell, biokleen etc. I was not into method products until last year, the scents just seemed overpowering before. Now ive started using lots of method cleaners many of them smell amazing! Also got started on mrs meyers. Lots of them: lemon verbena, basil, geranium the scent is divine. True i doubt either is as natural as the natural products ive used all these years. Or for tbat matter as natural as DIY like vinegar and water, and baking soda cleansers. But the heavenly scents make cleaning more appealing sometimes. As ( tired) a mom of 4, i need that sometimes!
Still a couple products i swear by: 7th generation when it comes to the disinfecting surface wipes. Biokleen when it comes to the laundry and dish soap. Biokleen is awesome! Great for even washing cloth diapers. Used it since my teenager was a baby. Oh yes, and EO soaps and hand wipes. Usually lavender scented with essential oil so smells fresh and so nice.
Curious to see how the ecloth works for you. Id like to try one soon.

Lara Joanna Jarvis says:

I really enjoyed this Jess, you’ve definitely convinced me to give the Method products a go, I never realised they did so many or that they have such nice fragrances! the boys suffer with sensitve skin too so it’s definitely something I will try out. (i used to LOVE that Aquaint spray, at the time it was the only one of its kind around and I used to spray bottle lids and dummies with peace of mind!) xx

Mummy Olliver says:

I’m loving your videos about positivity and minimalism. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for quite a few years now, since my mum died 11 years ago really and it’s been getting progressively worse. I have also decided to start trying to declutter my home and live a bit more positively. A clear house = a clear mind kind of thing lol. I find your videos so inspiring. I am hoping to try some of these natural products as well, but I wondered if you have come across an alternative for bleach? I usually tip a whole load of bleach down the toilet when I clean the bathroom, but am aware that it’s not the best thing to do, so wondered if you had any advice for an alternative? X

Deb Australia says:

Haven’t used a chemical cleaner for years! I do buy commercial washing powder and dishwashing tablets. But that’s it. Everything else is home made and not only is it better for our bodies, but it’s so much cheaper!!! Microfibre cloths and a simple vinegar and lavender oil spray!

Missy B. says:

If Jensen is never exposed to germs he won’t build up a tolerance.

Connie Supernault says:

Just to point out fragrance is a chemical. Try to search for those using essential oils. It is just something that we don’t think about but fragrance chemicals are airborne meaning you are inhaling them. Just a thought.

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