The Honest Company Review! An Honest Review on Diapers, Cleaning Supplies & Bath Products!

Honest Company:

This video is not sponsored. I purchased all the Honest Company products eversince I was pregnant. Honest company has never sent me any products for free. My link is an invite link that everyone can have. It will give me $20 per first time purchase.

This is the invite link info from the Honest Company site:
For each friend you invite, we’ll credit your account $20* once your friend makes a shop or subscription order! In order to receive credit, your friend must be a new Honest member.



JulesKimTV says:

April, did you try the nipple cream? If not, is there a brand you recommend for that? Also what detergent were you using for Liam’s baby clothes? (:

J Clifton says:

have you used vinegar in your towel wash?? April use to know whats in your products and what is used on your baby. It rates based upon a 0-10 scale on various things.

Tiffany Middleton-Throop says:

We found out that the shampoo wash hurting our babies eyes too, much like the bubble bath. I thought my 2 year old was lying about it hurting her, but I decided to try it out and it hurt me. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.

Alicia Mendsey says:

Thank you for the review. I want to try their products.

Delia Manjarrez says:

Hi April, I’ve been watching your blogs and always enjoy them! Wanted to share a blog about baby teething! It might help you or you can share it to others moms since you have many subscribers. Hasta la vista!

Becky Nelson says:

I use the Honest Company diapers for my baby too and love them.  Not only do they not leak and they are good for the environment, but they are cute.  Why not enjoy diaper changes a little bit more?  You have to do it, so may as well make it a little fun 🙂

Krista and Melody Hammer says:

I literally just signed up for a free trial of all of the bundles today. Super helpful to see your review on everything before I actually commit to any of them! 🙂

Mega Vlogs says:

Hi April what’s the new detergent you use now? Is it economy friendly?

Jessica Critelli says:

April, have you tried the honest company belly balm for pregnancy? If not, what balms/lotions did you use to prevent stretch marks and itching.

vanillaviviann says:

oh man, i’m getting baby fever just from looking at how cute the diaper pattern is! haha!

Libi Nathan says:

Great video:)) Love your videos☺️

KING says:

It’s SPF lol your so cute

Vivian Contreras says:

how much would it be if i have 4 kids on diapers 3 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old and also a 3 month old how can i order so many different sizes i try and it won’t let me

alex's videos says:


Lilian's glam says:

thanks for the review it was very helpful 🙂

Sarah Fanale says:

R u going to home school

WifeyWest0413 says:

I found with the Honest diapers that they leak over night. They are so cute! I just wish I liked them more.

Ana Sanabria says:

my baby’s name is Liam lol

cesar gonzales says:

Hey April you look so old already

tiffanyveng says:

What laundry detergent do you likr since you said you didn’t like the one by honest company.

Rachel Ruiz says:

have you tried the honest toliet paper ?

c ls says:

Hey april, I was wondering if you could do some “Whats in my Travel Bag?” and “What I pack in my suitcase?” videos. I noticed you just came back from vacation and I would love to know some cool tips from you. Love your videos and your vlogs!! hope your consider the request! Thank you

Rachel Weiland says:

Woo! We love Honest so so much!

Stephanie Montenegro says:

My sister uses honest for my nieces. She loves it.

Nancy Rojas says:

Hi April I was wondering if you used or maybe know someone that might have used the stretch mark lotion . I’m preggers and would love to use that do the dopers come like small or are there good.. Thanks and love your channel

Fujiyamamakeup says:

Great review very helpful april !:)

Jamie Sanders says:

Jessica Alba said in one of her interviews that Johnson and Johnson shampoo, the one that says tearless, has a chemical that numbs your babies eyes and that’s why they don’t tear 🙁 I thought that was so sad, babies with numb eyes do to chemicals 🙁 Yikes!

shygirlnow2011 says:

Its probably not related. But, there is a company that has HONEST orange soda. It doesn’t have sugar, calories or caffeine. It is so good!

michael50694 says:

Nice quick and straight to the point and I like how you reviewed many products quickly.

Nikki Bello says:

how many diapers come in one pack?

Teresa Ortiz says:

You should try the multi-surface cleaner. It is amazing! It removes everything!

thatlovegirl12 says:

I’m glad that you like the honest diapers. I just bought my sister 4 boxes for her shower. I was a little hesitant at first

Vanessa Campbell says:

i feel the detergent is more used for cloth diapers. You don’t want scent or anything extra in detergent.

Dani Lauren says:

I’ve been so curious about these products! I think I wanna check out the sunscreen!

Amy Dickey says:

I LOVE the Honest products. I use their baby wipes on myself and they’re literally the only ones besides “water wipes” I am not allergic to. I like them if I get all sweaty during the day and can’t immediately go shower, they’re also just good for freshening up in general.   ANother favorite product is their healing ointment. It’s amazing all around.

I agree on the laundry stuff. I liked the oxybooster pods but they did not rinse well. So I only use them for whites. I DO like the stain remover spray a LOT. But for detergent I went back to Arm and Hammer.

I LOVE their fruit and veg spray as well.

Andrea Anonymous says:

I love the Honest Co. multi surface cleaner. It works great.

ahallm3097 says:

April what would be your top 5 products for the cleaning bundle. I just said 5 because I haven’t looked to see what you can get. Thanks for sharing!

Grace Pinnock says:

How is your burn April?

Becky Nelson says:

I commented before, but forgot to mention something I thought about when deciding to use them.  I figured out the difference between buying Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers (which I would use if I didn’t use Honest) and buying the Honest ones.  This was when my baby was really young.  I figured out that I paid $6.00 more per week by using the Honest Diapers.  Obviously that would not be exactly the same for everyone because everyone changes their baby differently.  Some don’t change during the night, and I did.  Anyway, I would go to Panera for lunch at least once per week and that was over $8.00.  I decided that I would rather use Honest diapers than go to Panera that one time each week, so I just switched one for the other 🙂  I do occasionally go to Panera, but not as often.  Win-win 😉

NonGmoMom says:

I made out really good yesterday shopping Honest company at target! Also a lot of the diaper prints where on clearance for $6! If your Intrested I just posted a video on it check it out:)

Rhonda Weber says:

Biodegradable wipes – love that!  I like to keep them in my car, especially after pumping gas, but I hate the waste.

Jennifer Delgado says:

What type of detergent u use now for the baby clothing??

Zelda Palmerino says:

I’m sad to say I didn’t like ANY of the “Honest” products I tried. The lip balm dried out my lips and when I used the sunscreen, I got horribly sunburned! 🙁

Rhiannon Urso says:

When my son was born (he’s 3.5 and potty trained now) I was part of the bundle and I LOVED the diapers but hated the wipes… Then with the household bundle I LOVED the oxy boosters but hated the detergent, in fact we still have some guess I should throw it away though now… But I heard they changed their wipes so I am glad they are better now.  I can’t remember what else we tried but overall I had a love/hate relationship with Honest Company!

Tameka Floyd says:

What laundry derergent do you use now for your little one. I completely agree with what you said about the Honest detergent for towels, I am looking for a new detergent to try thats also gentle because my baby girl has mild case of eczema. Let me know. Thanks

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