The Only 3 Cleaning Products You Need

Stop wasting your hard-earned money on expensive cleaning products. You really only need 3 natural cleaning products to clean your entire house. This video will show you how we use those products to make everything from floor cleaners to dust spray for pennies on the dollar.

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Sal Suds 32 oz on Amazon:
Sal Suds 128 oz on Amazon:
Sal Suds on Dr. Bronner Website:
Germ Fighter Essential Oil on Amazon:

*A Note on Bleach: In my opinion, nothing replaces bleach when it comes to cleaning viruses, molds, or harmful pathogens. Essential oils are great for everyday cleaning, but I do use a water/bleach solution on occasion when necessary.

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Maggie Mae Miniature Dachshunds world says:

I use Dr. Bonners and vinegar

Cheryl Taylor says:

hi Jamie, have you ever heard of an Australian tv show that was on several years ago, called Lush House? Shannon Lush is a non-toxic cleaning pioneer. and she is where i learned how to clean everything. it’s only 1 season long but covers anything you can think of.

Karen's Well-Prepped Pantry says:

Sal Suds works great for laundry as well

B Pratt says:

I don’t have sal suds but I have dr bronners liquid soaps and I use vinegar everywhere! I’m slowly moving over to being green and more self sufficient. Teaching my kids in the process.

John Sothcott says:

You might also like to consider using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide made from 30% food grade HO2 and distilled water. Look up its uses you may be surprised. Also for consumption you should use aluminium free Bicarbonate of Soda. Love your videos.

Janice B says:

Vinegar and I have a love hate relationship. I hate the smell of it, but I love using it to clean my house AND more interestingly just found out spraying it on my dogs after a bath alleviates the yeast that causes them to smell so “doggy”. They do not smell like salad afterwards, they just smell clean. Incidentally, I just purchased a small ten, yes ten dollar bottle of vinegar at a specialty store tonight. It is blackberry ginger balsamic. It’s sassy tastin’. I guess when you save so much money on cleaning products, you can use it to purchase other things in life that you value more.

Emmy123849 Smith says:

Have you ever made your own laundry soap? I make it and I like it. I also use white distilled vinger for fabric sofner. I’m a new subscriber and love your channel. I’m wating previous videos! 🙂

Latrece Preston says:

Have you ever tried cheap vodka instead of vinegar? Vodka doesn’t have a smell like vinegar. Vodka and water is a great degreaser. I also use vodka, water & essential oil for a fabric spray.
Also recently heard about using cream of tartar instead of baking soda.

nellspop1 says:

another awesome video, well done. In one of your other videos when you were making stale bread recipes i noticed you had the baking pan and glass bottles on top of your stove. Is that a glass top stove? and what do you use to clean it? i have tried wverything and nothing really works. Thank you

Rough-Hewn Homestead says:

I got my Sal Suds today….can’t wait to try your cleaner!

Yanasa Ama Ranch says:

I’d never heard of Dr. Bronners! Will definitely look into it. Thanks!!

tweevers2 says:

just a heads up… this is Something most don’t know about …most inexpensive and expensive distilled vinegar is not really vinegar at all but rather a petroleum by product….one must do research to find which are the fake products and which are real distilled white vinegar made the proper way … ….…as well as olive oils…It seems most massive olive oil companies even ones labeled extra virgin are counterfeit…so by it from a local mill to ensure you get actual olive oil…there are websites with lists of real and fake stuff…olive oil and vinegers

NPAMike says:

I work for a pharmaceutical company. We use a product that contains distilled vinegar on our walls. You can use it to clean your walls every couple of months then let it sit for an hour then clean it with water. It helps prevent and kills mold.

kleineroteHex says:

I do either vinegar or I add some rubbing alcohol to my window wash water, works great as well, though the vinegar is cheaper, but you don’t need much alcohol, I get the dollar store bottles for a buck.

Lindsey L says:

Just happened to come across your channel, and love it!! New subscriber!!!

Dana's Almost 40 Vlogs says:

What do you use for dish soap

Learning more Day by Day says:

I just found your channel….have subscribed and I look forward to watching more as they are very informative

Marica Plasmans says:

Can I do laundry to with the Sal Suds. Living in the Netherland I will need to go look for it, but every now and then I have a stain that won’t come out. I use plain salt, not the kitchen salt, for my laundry and a tiny bit of vinigar on new cloths for keeping collor. Works like a charm, but not for heavy duty stains.


An interesting and very practical video and here is a tip for you, wet newspaper is great for cleaning windows and after that it can be torn up and added to the compost heap.


New subbie here! Great info!

t3mptr3s says:

Is there a difference between the Sal’s suds and the other Dr. Bronner castile soaps?

Jimmy Bishop says:

where can you get the Sal suds?

karla stein says:

Where can I purchase sal suds

Dorothee P. says:

I don’t like Dr Bronner’s super-liberal hippy company, but they seem to be the only ones making old-fashioned liquid soaps. :/ so I use their peppermint against houseplant flies, but once that’s gone, I’ll pass. I would sub regular Dawn for the Dr. Bronner’s, since detergent has properties that soaps doesn’t, in particular oil-cutting capabilities. So, vinegar, bleach, and Dawn, those are my Trinity of cheap cleaning.

karla grecar says:

thanks, I have never heard of sal suds before, gatta try it.

Mindi Bear says:

Just found your channel… love it!! One of my cleaning tricks is using microfiber cloths. They clean almost everything and all you need is water. They work great for windows, mirrors and dusting furniture and countertops.

Rough-Hewn Homestead says:

Great advice! Thanks.

Cheryl Taylor says:

after every time i wash my kitchen trash can out, i sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom. it keeps things dry, keeps bug out, and no odors.

CleanCity says:

all you need is soapy water

Jennifer E says:

Question, I am always worried about sanitizing my counters after preparing things like chicken. I always get out the lysol disinfecting wipes. How do you get around that?

Amirah Glover says:

What do you use for dish and laundry soap? I used to buy sal suds on a regular basis, but it became too expensive since I was using it not only for cleaning, but to wash dishes and for laundry as well. A gallon jug would last about a month or so and at $50 a jug, it didn’t seem worth the expense, but I love the utility of it so I’m kinda conflicted :/

val treff says:

this is exactly what I use now as well!

Elena22 says:

I am enjoying your videos very much. does the Sal Suds have a scent?

William Bakos says:

Stumbled across your channel and we love it. Working on the beginning stages of paying off debt and moving towards self sufficient living. We agree 100% on cleaning products except we mostly bought at a dollar stores so not expensive but not healthy either.

Bea Falcon says:

Been using Salsuds for years now. Converted quite a few friends. Amazing cleaner. I always have boxes of baking soda at the ready. So cheap and effective for my scrubbing and deodorizing needs. I haven’t needed to buy commercial cleaners for at least 10 years.

Jen Goods says:

Great information, thankyou

Lester Suggs says:

Sal Suds on Amazon is now astronomic compared to the prices you mentioned. 28oz = $98, Gal jug $445!!!

Ann Gosnell says:

use orange or lemon peel for scenting your cleaners

Lynn Maust says:

If you don’t use your barn….maybe you would want to sell it to Dave at Barnwood Builders…he and his crew do amazing things with barnwood.

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