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Today I’m sharing my review on the best natural home cleaning products! I love using non-toxic products in our house. It’s a great place to start, if you want to incorporate more natural products. Please let me know your favorites in the comments section. Thanks so much for watching!


My Green Fills Products:

ECOVER Dishwashing Tablets:

Honest Company Bathroom Cleaner:

Honest Company Stain Remover:

ECOVER Dish Soap:

Biokleen Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner:
(they also have multi-purpose cleaners and other things as well!)

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap:

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Autumn Blaylock says:

I use those Ecover dishwasher tablets too. and they’re awesome! I use their rinse aid too! I’ve tried some terrible natural dishwasher products that left my dishes dirty and full of streaks. My favorite product for the shower is Earth Friendly Shower Kleener™ with Tea Tree Oil. I get mine from Vitacost.

Sarah Ward says:

Kendra, have you ever tried the Mrs. Meyers fabric softener sheets? They are fantastic! The Basil scent is my favorite, it’s super pleasant

Shopah0lic26 says:

What do you use for cleaning windows? Trying to switch household products to natural ingredients

Serein Wu says:

ooo I’m very interested in these products. I agree most of the time I just end up using viniger to clean everything.

Karina CT says:

Just ordered some! ♥

Danielle Clifton says:

Do you use Some of the products you mentioned are graded poorly, and have harmful ingredients.

Jordan Thomas says:

Does anyone have recommendations on a good natural ingredient mascara? There’s an ingredient that is in all normal mascara that I’m allergic to but mascara is my favorite beauty product

Michele Savinsky says:

I am on auto delivery for the Honest Company all her products are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melody Champion says:

Great video, Kendra:) Natural products are the best! I make all my own products, myself. It saves money, no harsh chemicals and better for the environment. You may be interested in Melissa Makers channel here on YT called clean my space. Another channel is: How Jen Does It. Both are great!!

AllyCreative says:

I use ecover for pretty much all my household cleaning needs, except toilet cleaner… their toilet cleaner is just not up to the task, but otherwise I use their dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets, rinse aid, bathroom cleaner, disinfecting cleaner, floor cleaner, oven cleaner, window and mirror cleaner and laundry gel. And I tried making my own, people who say it works just as well are lying… I use vinegar and water 50/50 to clean up only tiny messes

cayla deanne says:

I just love you Kendra xxx

Katye Proctor Freelon says:

Very helpful!

Rhoda678678 says:

Biokleen has a nice lavender “febreeze ” type natural odor removal for sofas curtains etc

Hayley Pflug says:

I’m definitely going to try more diy cleaning products when I run out of my store bought stuff. One question though. I’ve tried mrs. Meyers and a couple other dish washing soaps (for hand washing your dishes) and I can never find any natural brands that work as well as dawn. They’ll get the job done, but I have to use twice or three times as much! Which is not saving or effective in my opinion. Even dawn has a type of soap that’s more plant based and that’s not as good as their plain old original. Does anybody have any suggestions for a more natural dish washing soap?

Eli Santana says:

My new resolutions for 2017 will include switching to non-toxic home cleaning products to protect our health, starting 12/26/2016. Please join me for healthier lives.

Lenvoleedecastors says:

Hi, I just wanted you to know that tea tree oil is harmful to dogs, you can google that.Awesome video though, thanks for sharing!

Liz says:

I love all the honest brand cleaners! my favorite is the multipurpose cleaner it makes my stainless steel shine and it smells amazing. also when you order a refill, it comes in a small constrained bottle that you add with water to the spray bottle so that you can reuse the spray bottle. good stuff!

Vicky Gulko says:

The Mrs meyers cranberry scent they release around the holidays is amaaazing definitely try it if you can get your hands on it.

Krysta Steen says:

I have been using Shaklee products for about 5 years and LOVE them. They are super concentrated so it’s saved me a ton since I am not paying for water (since that’s what is mostly in the ones you buy in the store), and mix them myself. All non-toxic, phosphate free, no animal testing, etc.

Stacy Angel says:

I handmake all mine, its so cheap and I never run out cause I just make more. Vinegar, baking soda, EO, water…your all set!

christine lew says:

Good info, thanks. How about a good mirror cleaner? I’ve tried the method one and it left lots of streaks. Thanks.

ewojcie1 says:

Great video! I love the Mrs Myers all purpose cleaner in verbena scent. Also Method bath cleaner.

Rachel Pupo says:

love ur hair so much


I want to try all of these!

Jennifer Myers says:

Plain ol vinegar plus water. Best all purpose, all surface cleaner! Really can’t be beat. Disinfects and leaves everything sparkly and so clean. Best jewelry cleaner, also; your jewelry will look brand new. In the laundry, throw a cup in the rinse cycle; makes towels SO soft. And talk about natural, I mean, you could drink it! Love vinegar and water!

Amber Shafer says:

I like the idea of the green refills thing but their website is so unclear… how much do the products cost? how much product do you get? what are the ingredients of the product? I can’t seem to find anything out without signing up which always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

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