Use This Not That: Non Toxic Cleaning Products Vitacost Haul | Summer Saldana

“Use This Not That,” where I share with you some alternatives to replace the more toxic products in your life. Todays video is all about the healthier options for cleaning products!

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Products Mentioned:
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes Lemongrass Citrus:
Vitacost – The Clean Collection All Purpose Cleaner:
J. R. Watkins Toilet Bowl Cleanser Lemon:
J. R. Watkins Tub And Tile Cleaner Citrus:
Seventh Generation Natural Shower Cleaner Green Mandarin and Leaf:
Seventh Generation Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner Emerald Cypress and Fir:
Seventh Generation Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner Free and Clear:
Seventh Generation Stainless Steel Cleaner Mandarin Orange:

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Peri Olson says:

you should check out norwex

Kate's Place says:

I like the seventh generation dish soap and toilet bowl cleaner….Sals Suds is a great all purpose cleaner that I use (I add tea tree and lemon essential oil to it).

Melody Champion says:

I love using natural cleaning products–I’ll have to try some of your suggestions! I make most of my own cleaning products myself for example: laundry detergent, fabric softener, counter top spray, window cleaner, floor cleaner, furniture polish, dish soap, cleaning wipes, etc.
My daughter, Mackenzie just did a science project on homemade cleaners vs. commercial soaps (she used Dawn dish soap vs homemade and also Windex vs homemade) and the homemade won!! 
The window cleaner is super easy: 3 equal parts each of water/rubbing alcohol/vinegar
No streaks!! 
I don’t usually use my homemade dish soap because that is the only recipe that isn’t really cost effective since dish soap is so inexpensive. But I will never buy commercial laundry detergent or fabric softener ever again–even if I won the lottery!!
However, some of the products you showed were very interesting~think I may have to add them to my list!

Jessica Imamura says:

After cleaning your stainless steel appliances, take a paper towel or a small cloth and put a little bit of olive oil on it and buff your stainless steel with it. It actually helps lesson the fingerprints for a period of time.

Biancastoys says:

I think the Norwex clothes do a good job on  windows and mirrors

Bethany Hutchens says:

I love the EO all purpose soap in the lavender scent. I use it to pretty much clean everything. Plus it smells so soothing I’m tempted to spray it directly on the kids to settle them down. ; ) Great stuff! I’m looking to my next Vitacost order to try some of your recommendations!

MellyG says:

This is such a great video! Thank you soooo much for doing this! I have been wanting to purchase all new safe and non toxic cleaning products. This is so helpful! xo

Wendy Bee says:

I was wondering what you use for your laundry?  I haven’t gone completely clean on my cleaning?!  But, I was talking to my friend yesterday.  Up until now she had been making her own laundry soap, but yesterday she informed me that she found something new.  So, I thought in lieu of your vid, I’d share it with you in case you are interested like myself.  It is, Soap nuts. Yeah, that’s right, Soap Nuts.  The recommended brand is NaturOli.  They are all natural and come from a tree, who knew?  If you are interested, check them out.  I know Amazon sells them in a large bag.  You take 5 nuts and put them in a small muslin bag and can use them about 5 wash loads.  My friend says they work great.  Let me know what you think, if you are interested.  I love that blouse on you, you always look adorable!  Thanks for all the recommendations!

Krista Innes says:

What do you use for dishwasher detergent? I haven’t found a natural one yet that really works like the others.

SammyFabulous says:

The coconut oil could actually be making your stainless show more prints and such. Have you tried cleaning getting all oils off and then maintaining with a good microfiber cloth damp, then drying it?some people swear by the norwex clothes but I haven’t invested in them as of yet.

J Clifton says:

I love all these products. I just wanted to let you know that Seventh Generation isn’t as toxic free as people think. I found this out through looking through cleaning database 🙁 Awesome videos. I just subscribed and have been watching two hours worth of videos 🙂

J Clifton says:

1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water is awesome with a microfiber cloth for glass of any kind 🙂 i did just check some of the products mentioned here with environmental working group and wanted to let you know you should take a look. You may be surprised 🙂 I use water/vinegar a lot. I use honest company cleaning products or make the homemade 🙂

Melissa Parada says:

Loving the hair 😉 and what a great concept! definitely added a few of these to my vitacost list xoMelissa

hogfam says:

We use a Norwex Enviro cloth and Polish cloth for windows and mirrors. No streaks and you don’t have to keep buying products. (I don’t sell the stuff, just love it.)

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