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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel 🙂 In today’s video I’m sharing with you the reasons I switch to all natural cleaning products, as well as my fav company I buy them through – Grove! If you guys are interested in signing up, make sure to use my link so you can get your awesome free gift!! Also, let me know down in the comments below what your fav natural cleaning products/solutions are! xx Becca

LASH SERUM I USE: http://amzn.to/2eelfJF
MY FAV BRONZER: http://amzn.to/2f1F7B8

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Thanks so much to Grove Collaborative for sponsoring and collaborating on this video! #ad


Michele Davenport says:

Love this video. I just switched all mine out and am working on going cruelty free. You inspire me everytime I watch a video.

Jaimee York says:

Method All Purpose sprays I’ve used for years, they are so good! Used some of their other products and enjoyed them, too! Sometimes I just do a simple diy cleaner: squirt bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar. White vinegar also is a great fabric softener! Have a great day! 🙂

Wilderness and Workouts says:

I loved this!! I want to throw everything out now!! Ugh! Also, I cracked up at your ‘if I’m being honest with myself’ moment about cleaning the shower! Always to real and personable 😀

Ariella Corey says:

you could also just make ur own natrual cleaning products with baking soda and essential oils…

Jaxx ptrs says:

I am in love with the Grove collaborative products! ! I have been a customer since March early April. And I order every month. I love the scents they have. Although I haven’t tried the lavender one yet. lol pretty much because I have lavender essential oils. I get to relaxed. But I agree with you on everything you said about these. Oh I haven’t tried the shower cleaning spray yet. But it’s next on my list. Happy Grove shopping. And awesome video. Thank you so much. : )

Anna Giannulli-Chavez says:

Love this video! I never used natural cleaning products before because I honeslty just wasn’t educated enough on the benefits! I can’t wait to start transitioning over!

Michelle Melocoton says:

Just ordered! This is an amazing deal. Thanks Becca!

Natasha Derouchie - Glow Getter says:

Love Method products

Danielle Clifton says:

Hi Becca, are you familiar with EWG? Just because it’s a natural cleaner doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t contain toxic ingredients.

Linda Lincoln says:

All Method products can be purchased at Target stores.

iamgeeky9 says:

Ok there is an app called THINK DIRTY and it rates products based on their toxicity and chemicals. And Mrs Meyers is not necessarily the best natural product as they claim to be along with Method . You can check each product and how much chemicals it has on this app.

Johanna Collins says:

I ordered grove collaborative a week and half ago, and still not seen it in the mail! They said they are working on it! Did yours take a while!? Can’t wait to receive it!!!

Forrest Austin says:

does the dish liquid get nice and sudsy?

Erica Lee says:

So happy you’re loving your Grove products Becca! I LOVE the Mrs. Meyer’s honeysuckle scent too! 🙂

lovelove70 says:

Thanks for this! Love your channel. (Random) Do you have any beginner cameras you would recommend? Your vids are always high quality

Victoria Sabinina says:

What do you think about Honest cleaning products? I wanted to give it a try.

Gloria Lagroon says:

Thank you for sharing, Becca. I will definitely look into these cleaning products. Love the song at the end of the video, what’s the name ? Didn’t see it in the description box. Take care!

Shiran Wipranik says:

Just ordered -this is an amazing deal, thank you! I Love your channel!

ccap3211 says:

You should do a video on your favorite skincare products!

liz stofko says:

Check out the think dirty or EWG app! They rate products based on chemicals, sadly a lot of those products rank very high on that list 🙁

Kaelee Montgomery says:

You could not have made this video at a better time!! I’m currently switching over to natural cleaning products as well! Can’t wait to use the offer! Great video!! 🙂

ccap3211 says:

Never been so excited to buy cleaning products! lol what do you use on your laundry?

Katyria Rivera says:

Loved this video! Can’t wait to try the products I just ordered!

Kimberly Reed says:

you should do an essential oil video:)

Maura says:

Love you and this video! You always inspire me to be a healthier and better person!

G3brenda says:

meyer honeysuckle is THE BOMB 🙂 great video

Alison Patton says:

Where are your jean shorts from? I love them!!!

jaymebeth says:

Omg I loved the video and I love your hair!! I’m looking to go blonde and can use some advice. What do you ask for when you go into the salon to get your hair done? Beautiful! ❤️

Tiffany MFB says:

Awesome! I used the link & what a great deal! All that free plus they added a sea foam colored glass spray bottle with the little rubber safety thing on it. Awesome site. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Brittani says:

Great video Becca! Using more natural products is always better! Although there are always the critics of how you could be “more natural” it can be frustrating. I’ve had that problem! But I’m happy to be making positive progress in my home!

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